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"These people aren't helping you see, Derek. They're blinding you. You're lost. You're so lost I know you probably won't come with me. To do the things that you did... But I'm your brother, alright? You just gotta trust me, man. You want a new beginning? You can have it, man--we both can. All you have to do is come with us."
—Wes trying to convince Derek to defect from the cult.[src]

Wes is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He was a member of Morgan's group until the caravan was forcibly split up and resettled into Virginia's various settlements where he now serves as a fuel producer at Tank Town.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Wes' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had a brother named Derek.



Wes survived the initial stages of the outbreak with his brother, Derek. At some point, Derek was presumably killed by walkers.

Season 5

"Channel 4"

Wes finishes watching Morgan's group tape inside an old gas station store. He considers reaching out on his walkie but decides against it. He packs his things before pressing his ear to a locked door. He then stares at a "Take what you need" box before leaving.

Outside, Wes gases up a motorcycle as Logan and his crew arrive. Wes tells them he doesn't want any trouble but Logan tells his people to take his gas and demands to know where the oil fields are. Wes insists that he doesn't know and he isn't with the people on the tape, claiming he stole the gas.

Logan admits that he likes him but has his people shoot up Wes' motorcycle so he can't follow them. Logan tosses him a radio and orders him to call Morgan's group for help with escaping an approaching herd and to tell them that they are making more enemies than friends out there, while his crew has more bullets than they know what to do with.

Wes is then left behind as Logan's crew drive away.

"You're Still Here"

Wes radios Morgan's group and asks for help, saying he has seen the tapes. Alicia and Strand quickly locate him and load his motorcycle on their truck. Wes explains he had encountered a hostile group and Strand quickly deduces it's Logan. Wes tells them he needs to get back to his brother and they decide to help him.

On the road, Wes tells Alicia she's probably wasting her time searching for the painted trees. She says she wants to meet the person responsible, but Wes is dubious. As walkers eat a dead bull, Alicia and Strand drop Wes off at the police station he's staying at and promise to load him up on gas. Suddenly, gunshots ring out from inside and an injured man sprints out, steals their truck, and drives away. Wes shoots at him and quickly runs out of ammo, which attracts nearby walkers.

They grab weapons from the police car and quickly realize they only shoot rubber bullets. Strand accidentally shoots tear gas at a walker, forcing everyone to flee inside. Alicia pours water on Strand's eyes and gives him a wet towel when his eyesight doesn't improve. She confronts Wes about the stranger, and he explains his brother is dead and he was just trying to retrieve what the man had stolen from him. Alicia warns him killing doesn't always solve things.

Wes mocks Alicia's mantra to help people, saying he doesn't need some inspired speech. "The guy was an asshole, plain and simple. I just want what he took from me," he says. Wes then tells her his brother got attacked by a walker during a milk run and that he inherited his motorcycle. He explains shooting and killing is the way of the world now, but Alicia is still determined to help the man he shot.

Alicia decides to find the man and Wes agrees to go with her. Outside, he uses the police guns to shoot the walkers blocking the entrance and lure the others away. Wes then kills the rest of walkers as Alicia finds the keys to a cruiser and the group leaves. Later, they find the truck crashed into a fence and the man limping down the road, presumably reanimated.

Wes approaches the man to get his bag and he turns around, still alive. He tosses Wes the bag and tackles him to the ground, trying to choke him. Wes grabs his knife and plunges it into the man's side. He asks the man where his manuscript is and he tells him in the bag. "It's really good stuff," the man says before dying. Wes puts him down and retrieves his manuscript. She questions his decision to kill over a book. Wes tells her "people are people" and the man should keep the manuscript. "He died for it. He can keep it", Wes says sarcastically before walking away.

Sometime later, Wes walks by the road and finds the first tree he wrote the message on. He looks down and cries.

"Leave What You Don't"

Wes somehow hears a distress call from a trapped survivor and, having being inspired by his encounter with Alicia and Strand, decides to go rescue Janis. At night, as she is about to commit suicide to avoid being killed by walkers, Wes arrives in time and helps her kill them. He then explains over the radio that he felt he should pay it forward.

The next morning, Wes and Janis reunite with Alicia and Strand when they arrive at the station. Alicia is proud of Wes' change of view on people after he says she inspired him. Wes also confesses he likes Alicia's paintings on the trees. The woman then warns them they have to leave before the people she ran away from find her. Alicia assures her she's safe with them now.

"Channel 5"

Wes and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. At night, a walker from a Humbug's Gulch theme park 15 miles away wanders into camp. Dwight kills it and John suggests to head to Humbug's Gulch in search of a home. The next day, the caravan come across a bridge in danger of collapsing.

After several tense moments with Virginia and an oncoming herd, Wes and the others are forced to abandon the rest of their vehicles and flee across the bridge. He and the others watch in horror as Tom is killed when the bridge finally does collapse. Later, Wes and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

On their walk, Wes promises Alicia he'll paint with her when they reach the settlement, prompting her to smile. Sometime later, the group arrives at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. Wes and the others then hear as Morgan radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Wes and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After the theme park is cleared of walkers, Wes and Alicia paint the church as the group prepares the wedding. He then attends John and June's wedding in the chapel, sitting next to Alicia during the ceremony.

That night, Wes and the caravan survivors are split up by Virginia into different groups as they are taken for re-settlement among her communities.

Season 6

"Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg"

Wes is found injured in Tank Town by June. Seeing that there is shrapnel in his stomach, June asks for Luciana's help to get him to safety but is stopped by Virginia. Virginia demands to question Wes now, under suspicion that he is part of a mysterious group responsible for spray painting messages around the settlements. Virginia reveals multiple cans of spray paint found in Wes' bunk. Wes claims he has them because he likes to paint, yet Virginia refuses to believe him. Virginia begins to inflict pain on Wes' wound, causing him to scream in agony. She is stopped when June gives Wes a sedative, much to Virginia's dismay.

He is later seen having his wound treated.

"The Door"

Wes, Grace, Sarah, Luciana, June, and Daniel were rounded up by the rangers and held in the Lawton town jail as bargaining chips for Virginia as she attempts to get her sister back.

"Things Left to Do"

Wes is left behind in the Lawton jail as he is still recovering from his injuries while his fellow survivors are lined up outside set for execution. The next day, Wes is among the caravan survivors brought to live at the dam community, arriving on horseback with Luciana.

"Handle With Care"

Wes is seen when Daniel calls a group meeting so that everyone can share what they know about the enemy. Dakota runs up and says she recalls Virginia saying that the enemy went underground. She describes the last location that Virginia sent scouts to look for the enemy which Dwight realizes is Dallas where he and Al first encountered Nora's group and where he was reunited with Sherry. Luciana volunteers to scout the area with Wes, Alicia, and Althea.

"The Holding"

Wes, Althea, Alicia and Luciana infiltrate a subterranean settlement called "The Holding", where workers turn walkers into soil to garden and grow food. Riley welcomes them to the Holding. Al quietly confirms with Wes that this is the place they were looking for. "The End is the Beginning," reads a message spray-painted on the wall. Riley interrogates Wes's group and records their conversations for his leader, Teddy.

Wes tells Riley that his group comes from a place that they plan never to return to. Riley takes each member of Alicia's group to the displayed walker and asks what they see. Luciana says that Riley's question feels like a trick. Riley says that his group likes skeptics. Al asks Riley if everyone in the Holding must answer his question. Wes tells Riley he just sees a walker, then asks who painted the murals on the wall. He mentions that he used to be a painter, like his brother.

Riley questions everyone about their siblings. Wes asks Riley why he's interested in his family. Riley says Teddy believes survival depends on family. Shortly after the group's arrival, a team of cultists return led by Derek, Wes' believed-dead brother. While Wes catches up with his brother, the women attempt to discover more about the cult and their plans leading to Al and Wes sneaking into Derek's bunk while he is gone. The two find hidden maps of several other communities, including some maps belonging to CRM and discover that the cult has been targeting and destroying various communities, including Tank Town.

Wes confronts Derek and demands to know why his group is attacking settlements. Derek explains that the only way they can start over is by destroying everything and everyone above ground. Wes says that he nearly died during the attack on Tank Town. Derek insists he didn't know that Wes was at Tank Town. Wes invites Derek to join Morgan's community. Derek recognizes Morgan's name and asks what happened to Virginia. Wes says that Morgan helped bring her down.

Alicia's group escapes in the elevator with Derek. Alicia suspects that Derek is hiding something and refuses to take him back to their community. Riley captures Alicia's group as they exit the elevator. Riley brings Alicia's group to an embalming room and threatens to kill and embalm them. He offers to spare their lives if they reveal Morgan's whereabouts. Wes realizes Derek betrayed them. Derek gets Riley's permission to try and show Wes the truth.

Derek brings Wes to the displayed walker and asks what he sees. Wes realizes that Derek knew he was at Tank Town during the attack. He tries to grab Derek's gun. A struggle ensues. Wes overpowers Derek and slams him into the walker. The walker mauls Derek, killing him. Wes shoots Derek in the head.

Riley and his crew hear the gunshot. Wes returns and holds Riley at gunpoint. His group escapes into a room filled with embalmed walkers suspended from the ceiling. Al spots a walker in black uniform and peeks under the helmet to make sure it's not Isabelle. The walker snaps at Al. Alicia kills the walker and slashes its throat to release embalming fluid. She orders her group to flee then lights the embalming fluid with a match, setting the room and the rest of the Holding on fire. At the dam settlement, Wes, Althea and Luciana tell Morgan, Dwight, Rachel, and Dakota that Teddy's community is planning something big. Morgan says they must help Alicia before they bring Teddy down.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Wes will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"

Wes arrives at the Texas Naval Base with Rollie and a captive Riley who Rollie reveals will lead them to the cult's hidden bunker. Although Daniel reveals that he has learned the coordinates to a safe location from a mysterious voice on the radio, the group decides to go to the bunker instead.

On the road, Rollie hits a walker, damaging the SWAT van's breaks. With a small herd approaching, Wes joins Rollie, Jacob and Luciana in putting down the walkers and keeping them off of Sarah while she conducts repairs. Wes is shocked when Daniel suddenly kills Rollie and reveals the other man to be a spy for the cult. After Riley is shot by Charlie and confirms that Daniel was right about Rollie, the group instead sets out for the location given by the coordinates.

Upon arrival, the group finds nothing and Daniel angrily yanks the taunting Riley out of the SWAT van. Wes stops Daniel and checks Riley's pulse, discovering that the man has died of his wounds. A CRM helicopter sent by Al suddenly arrives to rescue them. As the others focus on the helicopter, Wes spray paints the message "This Isn't The End" on the road, writing the word "End" on Riley's back. Wes then boards the helicopter and departs as the area is hit by nuclear weapons.

Season 7

"Breathe With Me"

Wes will appear in this episode.


Wes will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

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