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West Virginia is a state in the United States of America.


Before the apocalypse, West Virginia was one of 50 US states.


Video Game

Season 4

In Season 4 of the Video Game, Clementine and Alvin Jr. were travelling across America and they ended up in this state. They stop at a train station for a supply stop. They manage to find food, but it is rigged with a grenade, which attracts almost every walker in the area. They are forced to retreat to their car, which Clementine jabs a walker with her car key. Soon, they get in a car accident. They are then rescued by teenagers and they are then brought to a place full of teenagers called Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, deep in the forest. it is run by another teenager named Marlon. Clementine and AJ thought that the boarding school might be a place they call home. Soon, Clementine and part of the group head back to the train station to scavenge whatever was left but soon, Marlon, who has been keeping a secret about another member, Tenn's sisters being shipped away by him, accidentally bludgeons another one of the members, Brody, in a fit of anger when she attempted to sell him down the river by telling Clementine. Soon, Marlon's secret is revealed. After he has been defeated, he starts expressing his guilt. If Clementine goes for the gun and knocks Marlon down, he will say that he gives up and about to say something but is then shot. Otherwise if Marlon stays standing up, either Clementine or Violet is about to tell him something after he asks if he can leave the boarding school as a bad memory. Regardless, Marlon is shot in the back of the head by AJ. The next morning, the group buries Brody and Marlon's bodies and Clementine and AJ attend via invitation from Tenn. They attend and soon, the group decides to take vote about Clementine and AJ's future at the boarding school. As they sit in their dorm, two members Louis and Violet tell them that they took the vote and they have to leave. Soon after they pack up their stuff, Louis and Violet walk Clementine and AJ out of the safe zone. After Louis and Violet leave Clementine and AJ to walk on, they hear a gunshot, which is Abel from the train station. Soon when Clementine pins Abel down, another person puts the barrel of their gun to her head. Soon, it is revealed to be Lilly, who has been missing since Long Road Ahead. She reveals that she is looking for Marlon, but Clementine reveals that Marlon is dead. Soon, they attempt to strike a deal with Clementine,saying that if she can make the students listen to her and make them come peacefully, she will help Clementine raise AJ and take them back to their group called the Delta, who is recruiting and possibly kidnapping people in order to fight for them against another community. Then, Violet and Louis arrive, since they heard Clementine and AJ's screams and gunshot. While Lilly and Abel were distracted by Violet and Louis by Violet shooting Lilly in the chest with an bow arrow or by them running away if Clementine yells for them to run. As they run, Abel fires a buckshot into AJ's abdomen. Soon, they are surrounded by walkers, who almost eats them, but they are saved by a boy named James, who lead the walkers in order to save Clementine and AJ from Lilly and Abel. Clementine manages to get the shrapnel out, but he needs medicine. The next morning, they return to the boarding school, which the teenagers let in. Clementine reveals that the Delta is going to ambush the school and she plans for ways to defend it and the inhabitants. Soon, they decide to let them stay until the fight. Soon, the Delta arrives to capture the students. One of the students, Mitch, was killed in action when he attempted to attack Lilly, but she stabs him in the throat on accident and then in the head. Then, one of the Delta members, Yonatan, is killed by Clementine either by a duffel bag full of bricks or by a giant log. Then soon, Clementine fights Abel in the headmaster’s office, where Clementine wins by pushing him off the balcony, but is taken with him and luckily survives the fall. Soon after the siege, Clementine and the group captures Abel, who is injured by being mauled by Rosie, the group’s dog and his fall from the balcony. Early morning, Clementine interrogates Abel with AJ, which is soon revealed that one of his vital organs were damaged after his fall from the balcony. After Abel reveals the Delta’s location, Clementine either stabs him in the head to prevent him from turning, fulfilling his wish to not become a walker, or leave him to turn. Soon, Clementine walks with most of the group to scope out the Delta’s ship. More to be added



  • Ms. Martin (Alive and Zombified) - Attacked by walkers in Ericson's Greenhouse (Alive, Assumed) Stabbed in the head by Clementine in Ericson's Greenhouse (Zombified)
  • Sophie - Killed by Minerva
  • Brody (Alive and Zombified) - Accidentally bludgeoned with a flashlight by Marlon in a fit of anger, dying from brain damage in Ericson's basement (Alive, Accidental) Head based in with a flashlight by Clementine in Ericson's basement (Zombified)
  • Marlon - Shot in the back of the head by Alvin Jr. in the boarding school.
  • Mitch (Alive, Before Reanimation) - Stabbed in the throat by Lilly in the boarding school. (Alive) Stabbed in the head by Lilly in the boarding school. (Out Of Mercy, Before Reanimation)
  • Yonatan - Impaled on a wooden log or body crushed by duffel bag full of bricks caused by Clementine in the boarding school.
  • Abel (Alive, Out Of Mercy, Determinant) - Sustained injuries due to fall from balcony in the boarding school (Caused) Stabbed in the head by Clementine in Ericson's basement (Alive, Out Of Mercy, To Prevent Reanimation; Determinant) Left to reanimate in Ericson's basement. (Determinant)
  • Michael - Stabbed in the neck by Clementine in the Delta's ship or devoured by walkers near the Delta's ship.
  • Armando - Shot in the neck with an arrow by Clementine in the Delta's ship or devoured by walkers near the Delta ship.
  • Dorian - Shot in the mouth with Minerva's crossbow by Louis in the Delta's ship or Devoured by walkers near the Delta’s ship.
  • Lilly (Determinant) - Shot in the cheek by Alvin Jr. on the deck of the Delta's ship.
  • James (Determinant) - Stabbed in the back by Lilly on deck of the Delta's ship.
  • Gad - Shot in the forehead with an arrow by Clementine near the Delta's ship.
  • Gina - Shot in the neck with an arrow by Clementine near the Delta's ship.
  • Sullene - Devoured by walkers near the Delta's ship.
  • Minerva - Devoured by walkers on the torn apart bridge.
  • Tennessee - Shot in the neck by Alvin Jr. and then devoured by walkers on the torn apart bridge. (Alive, Determinant) Shot in the head by Alvin Jr. outside of the fishing cabin. (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Louis - Devoured by walkers on the torn apart bridge. (Determinant)
  • Violet - Devoured by walkers on the torn apart bridge. (Determinant)
  • Justin (Off-Screen)
  • Therissa (Off-Screen)
  • Jasper (Off-Screen)
  • Erin (Off-Screen)
  • Joey (Off-Screen)
  • Maddie (Off-Screen)
  • Lamar (Off-Screen)
  • Alex (Off-Screen)
  • Dewey (Off-Screen)
  • Trey (Off-Screen)
  • Stephanie (Off-Screen)
  • 19 other Ericson's Boarding School students (Off-Screen)
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