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"You'll be dead soon yourself. Then you'll see."
—The Whisperer to Dante.[src]

This Whisperer is a character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 132 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. She is a member of the Whisperers.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about this survivor before or after the outbreak began.


Volume 22: A New Beginning

As Dante and his search party search for Ken, they discover his clothes in a barn, but no sign of Ken. They are soon ambushed by a mass group of roamers.

Vastly outnumbered, the trio attack back to back and soon thin the numbers. As Doug gets close to this survivor, he lunges out at him with his knife, narrowly missing him at first. A distraught Doug cries out that the undead are seemingly using weapons. Another soon striking one of the guards in the party.

Doug attempts to retreat but is stabbed in the back by this survivor. The survivor gets on top of the wounded man and repeatedly stabs him. The other guard is dispatched soon after leaving Dante to face the new threat.

One of the survivors is quickly decapitated, leaving this one against Dante. She informs Dante that the dead don't mind when they whisper and that he'll learn that soon as she lunges out at him. A brief struggle ensues and the "roamer" is defeated.

Upon further inspection of the two bodies, Dante discovers that they are survivors disguised as roamers.


Killed By

After bearing witness to his crew's deaths, Dante crosses swords with this Whisperer. After a quick duel, Dante manages to impale the woman's head with his sword, killing her instantly.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this Whisperer has killed:


Comic Series

Volume 22: A New Beginning