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"You helped us and I am grateful. And I've got no problem watching the kid at all. But Annie, my wife, is pregnant, so there is no way I'm gonna sit in some Whisperer worm hole while you're out - I dunno - saving some shithole of a home that's not worth saving."
Negan to Maggie[src]

The Whisperer Hideout is a location in Season 11 of The Walking Dead. It is an underground hideout used by the Whisperers. It's located about 12 miles south of the Hilltop.


Nothing is known of this location before the outbreak.


At some point, the Whisperers set up this underground hideout.

Season 11

Following the events at Riverbend, the survivors relocate here to hide out from Lance Hornsby and the Commonwealth.

"Acts of God"

Maggie, Elijah and Marco make their way to the hideout where Lydia greets them and signals the people inside before opening the hatch. Maggie speaks to Negan and Annie about the upcoming attack by the Commonwealth Army on the Hilltop. Maggie asks the two to keep her son safe while she fights off the attackers, but Negan wants to help her. Maggie convinces Negan to stay at the hideout and protect her son, his pregnant wife and everyone else instead.

Following their failure to defeat Lance and his forces, Lydia and Elijah return to the hideout and collect everyone there.




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