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"I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise to you. I said I'd help you remember how the world used to work, but now I wonder if that's what you really need. If I stay, I'll just remind you of a way of life that no longer exists. You need to build something better. Don't worry about me. I'll figure it out up there. And maybe one day, I'll get to see the world you've built."
—Will's letter to Alicia that he left for her before leaving the bunker.[src]

Will is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


When Alicia first meets him, Will is shown to resourceful, evading the Doomsday Cult for a period of time on his own and figuring out a potential way out. He also treats Alicia with kindness and quickly become enamored with her. However, Will's rather sheltered life during the first years of the outbreak in the Franklin Hotel's bunker means that he is unprepared for the realities of the outside world, struggling with seeing his friend Senator Elias Vazquez as a walker and the idea that Alicia may need to be mercy killed in order to stop her from turning and risking the lives of the people in the bunker. As a result, Will can't bring himself to go through with his promise to kill her if it looks like Alicia might turn, enraging her.

Will also appears to be at least somewhat mechanically inclined as he was doing maintenance on the bunker's air filters when the cult invaded and he was able to get the lighthouse beacon's working.

Despite his lack of experience with the undead and original troubles with adapting while in the bunker, after departing from the bunker, Will proves to be able to quickly adapt to surviving in the dangerous outside world, becoming experienced at dealing with both the undead and the deadly radiation permeating Texas. Working alongside Strand, Will was able to eliminate a herd in the midst of thick fog and to somehow escape from another herd at his hideout that Strand had trapped him with.



Nothing is known about Will's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was the aide for the Democratic Senator Elias Vazquez.


Season 7

"The Beacon"

Will is a survivor on his own trying to survive the nuclear wasteland that is Texas. About two weeks since the blasts, Will left his previous home for unknown reasons and had been surviving on his own. He found refuge in a van beneath a highway overpass that provides shelter from the rain, especially with the nuclear fallout. He is shown wandering the landscape searching for food. After finding nothing but radiated food cans in the backpack of a zombified survivor, he grows more desperate and decides to cook a half eaten possum while breaking down into tears.

Just as a zombie was about to attack him as he sat on a log in the woods, he was rescued by mysterious individuals in hazmat suits. He ended up being knocked unconscious as he tried to escape from them, tripping and hitting his head on a log. When he wakes up, he finds himself stripped naked and decontaminated outside a building in an urban area. Upon being escorted to the top floor of the building, he manages to break free from his captors and lock a gate to prevent them from coming after him. Finding himself in a room filled with antiques, he picks up a sword to defend himself when Strand appears from behind and holds him at gunpoint.

Strand and Howard interrogate Will as he devours a plate of spaghetti. Will says he was a senator's aide before the fall, and that he used to belong to a settlement. He says the only people he has seen have been the Stalkers who kill and strip the dead. Strand takes Will on a tour of his Tower, which he has developed into a community. Will sees a wall of dead walker photos. Strand says some Tower residents have lost loved ones, and that his rangers track them down and photograph them to give his residents closure.

Strand shows Will the rooftop garden, and says he built the community using his instincts. Will comments on Strand's brazen confidence. Strand decides not to admit Will into his community, because he does not share Strand's vision. Will gives Strand a medallion as a parting gift. Strand recognizes it as the medallion he gave to Alicia, and offers to let Will stay at the Tower if he shows Strand where he found the medallion.

Strand, Will, and a posse of rangers head out to find Alicia. Strand asks why Will hasn't returned to his settlement. Will says he was kicked out, but that he's been trying to find a way to make it up to his people. It starts to rain. Will tells everyone to put their masks back on, since rain pulls contaminants out of the air.

Will takes the posse to his van, which is under a sheltered overpass. Will asks Strand why he left his safe Tower to look for her. Strand says he never mentioned the medallion's owner was a woman, and realizes Will has been lying to him. Stalkers attack the posse. Strand and Will hide in the van.

Strand asks Will where Alicia is, but Will insists he doesn't know Alicia. Strand sees a business card for the Franklin Hotel, and guesses that's where Teddy took Alicia. Will finally admits that he knows Alicia. Strand says he wants to find Alicia to show her that she was wrong. He jumps out of the van and rides off on his horse. Will corners Strand at the lighthouse. Strand says he wants to find Alicia to show her that his instincts can be right. Will observes that the Tower residents fear Strand, and that he can't lead a community on his own. Strand tackles Will, but Will escapes and goes outside. He finds the lighthouse surrounded by walkers, and recognizes the walkers as residents of Alicia's bunker.

Strand grabs an axe to kill the walkers. Will pours fuel into a generator to power the lighthouse beacon, providing light to fight the walkers. Strand starts killing walkers. The generator loses power, leaving Strand to fight in the darkness. Will joins Strand and helps slaughter all the walkers. Strand says Alicia was not among the walkers. Will and Strand ride to the Franklin and find a pile of rubble.

They enter the bunker, but it's long deserted. Will guesses the bunker was not destroyed by Stalkers, since the place has not been looted. He reads a note that Alicia left for him. "Padre," it says. Will tells Strand that "padre" represents the possibility of something better. He says he'd hoped he would find it first, so that Alicia would not have to. Strand realizes that Will loved Alicia and says that maybe Alicia will find her way to them. Strand and Will bring the lighthouse beacon to the Tower.

Will, Strand and Howard stand on the Tower roof, where the beacon is shining. Walkers gather in the parking lot below, attracted to the light. Will predicts Alicia will follow the light and find them. Strand remarks that leaders fail when they are too attached to people. Will realizes the beacon is not meant to draw Alicia, but rather to keep everyone away. Strand throws Will off the Tower to his death, believing that Alicia will never forgive him for it and uses a lighthouse beacon to draw a massive horde to the Tower to act as a moat against his enemies. Will turns on the ground below.


In a flashback, Will catches Alicia trying to break down the bunker's door with an axe and he stops her. As Alicia threatens him with her axe, Will explains that the door is rated to withstand a 50 kiloton nuclear blast and Alicia is not gonna get out that way. Alicia demands to know how Will knows that and he explains that he had lived there before the cult found the bunker and Will has been looking for a way out ever since. After a moment, Alicia lowers her axe and Will stands and introduces himself. Alicia asks Will if there's another way out and he admits that there might be and leads Alicia away from the door.

As they walk, Alicia asks how long Will has been in the bunker and he states that it was since Senator Vazquez's security detail brought them in. They had come to the bunker after the hospitals had started getting overcrowded to regroup with other government officials, but the other officials had never made it there. Alicia realizes that Will has been in the bunker since the start of the outbreak years ago which he states was part of their protocol to ensure continuity of government.

Reaching his underground hideout, Will tells Alicia that the others are dead and that survivors had found the entrance to the bunker and claimed that they were starving. Although they weren't supposed to let anyone else in, it had been years since Will's group had seen any other living people. Not wanting to watch them die through the window, the senator opened the door for them and the cult killed everyone except for Will who was doing maintenance in the air filters when the door was opened. Will heard everything from the upper level when the cult attacked so he hid out. Alicia asks how she can get out, but Will tells her that the cult has activated the time lock and there's no way to open the door. While there might be another way out, Will hasn't been outside since the world ended and he's still working up the courage to try to leave. Lacking the time to wait, Alicia warns Will that someone on the surface is trying to end everything and that while she's passed along a warning, she isn't sure that he will come through. Hearing Arno searching for Alicia, Will orders her to go back to the others and to play along with whatever they want while he finds the way out for her. Alicia gives Will her axe and leaves.

Later, Will is captured by the cult and Arno orders them to "return him to the earth." The cultists try to feed Will to the zombified Elias Vazquez, but Alicia impales Vazquez with her Sharpened Barrel Shroud and saves Will. Alicia declares that Teddy was right and Alicia is the person who is going to lead them to a new beginning, starting now which means that no one gets returned to the earth. After a moment, the cultists release Will and leave the room on Alicia's order, leaving her and Will alone together aside from Vazquez. Will thanks Alicia who tells him that she needs his way out. Looking at Vazquez, Will asks if the walkers can remember anything and Alicia realizes that this really is the first time that he's seen one of the undead up close. Crying, Will explains that it's not just that but the walker is Senator Vazquez. Apologizing, Alicia reassures Will that the undead don't remember anything and they are just walking corpses. "If you forget that, that's when things become dangerous."

Alicia asks Will about a binder in the senator's quarters marked PADRE and he explains that it was where they were supposed to go once it was safe to leave the bunker. According to the senator, it's stocked full of everything that they need to start over. However, Will doesn't know where it is as the location was classified and only Vazquez knew it. Vazquez got a message to his family to go there when it became clear that they wouldn't be able to make the trip to the bunker, but they don't know if anyone made it as the senator could never get a clear signal when he tried to make contact using a radio in his room. Alicia wonders if Will could find PADRE if she can get them out of the bunker, but Will isn't sure and he tells Alicia that even if they find a way out, he won't be going with her. Even though the cult will kill him if she leaves, Will isn't ready to face the world outside yet. In an act of compassion, Alicia gives Will her medallion, telling him that it protects whoever wears it and Will thanks her for it.

Will and Alicia follow a released Vazquez to the sewers where Will explains that the pipes are a part of the sump system that keeps the bunker dry and thus they must drain somewhere outside. Vazquez turns back around to face them and Alicia tells Will that this isn't going to work and they can take it from here. However, Will warns her that the pipes branch and if they can't find how the rats are getting in and out, they're not going anywhere. After a moment, Alicia knocks Vazquez to the ground and has Will pin him down and, confirming that Will's not squeamish, Alicia cuts Vazquez open and begins covering herself in his guts. Alicia orders Will to cover himself as well, but not to get it into his eyes or mouth as it could make him really sick, and Will could die and turn into a walker himself. Believing that Vazquez would understand that this is the only way to find PADRE and the senator's family, Will covers himself in walker guts as well. Alicia apologizes for her insensitivity, having spent so much time dealing with the undead that she had forgotten that they used to be alive and people that others had cared about. Will suggests that that's why he's here: to help Alicia remember how things used to be.

With Alicia and Will's scents masked by the walker guts, Vazquez begins crawling through one of the pipes and Alicia decides to go through first behind him. Alicia promises Will that they'll get out, find her people, stop the cult's plans and then they'll find PADRE and finish what Vazquez had started. Will stops Alicia, but after a moment, he decides to tell her what he wants to say on the surface instead. However, as the two crawl through the pipe after Vazquez, a sudden rumbling causes part of the pipe to collapse, separating them. Will desperately begins digging through the rubble to reach Alicia who yells out to him, concerned about being trapped with Vazquez. The noise that Alicia and Will make causes the senator to turn around and start coming back and Alicia quickly works to add to the rubble between herself and Vazquez as Will tries to get to her from the other side. Alicia apparently succeeds in blocking off Vazquez, relieving them both. However, a moment later, Vazquez breaks through the barricade and bites Alicia in the left arm before she manages to kick him back through the barricade with more of the celling coming down, blocking Vazquez from returning again.

The terrified Alicia tells Will that she's been bitten and she believes that it's over, knowing that the warheads must've gone off, potentially leaving nothing left for them to save on the surface. Will insists that there's no way of knowing that for sure and that the people in the bunker need her and that he needs her. Alicia is devastated by her inability to stop Teddy, but Will tries to reassure her that Alicia will get through this and that there has to be a way to stop the infection from spreading. Alicia gives up, but Will forcefully tells her that she can rebuild the world the way that she wants to instead of how Teddy wants her to and Alicia needs to survive because that's a world that he wants to be a part of. Will starts to tell Alicia something, but she stops him, telling Will not to say something to her just because she's dying. Will agrees, sure that Alicia is going to survive. Alicia prepares to amputate her arm, but she first makes Will promise that if it's been too long, if she gets a fever and it looks like Alicia's going to turn, he will kill her first. Will reluctantly makes her the promise and Alicia amputates her arm.

When Alicia wakes up, Will is nearby sleeping and he is pleased to see her awake. Will explains that the bombs had struck nearby and that Arno had heard from some of Teddy's people above ground before the bombs detonated. While Alicia's friends had tried to stop Teddy, Victor Strand had gotten in the way. Looking at her oozing arm, Alicia asks Will how long she's been out and he tells her that it's been a week and that her fever broke. Alicia had passed out after she amputated her arm and then she almost bled out before Will could get to her. However, Will got her back to the bunker where Arno and some of the others helped him to stop the bleeding. Alicia asks what Will had meant by her fever and he reveals that Alicia had started running a fever which had gotten pretty bad. Alicia believes that she didn't get to her arm in time and that the infection spread before she could amputate it. However, Will insists that given the fact that Alicia had amputated her own arm in a drain, the infection could be from anything such as sepsis or tetanus, but Alicia is certain that it's the bite despite her fever breaking. Alicia is furious that Will broke his promise and risked Alicia turning and potentially killing everyone in the bunker. Alicia sees the people in the bunker as being her responsibility now and she won't make the same mistake of not being able to save them like the people on the surface. Although Will promises that he can help her, Alicia states that he can't.

Alicia later wakes up, calling out for Will that she thinks that she knows what they need to do. However. Alicia finds Will gone and a letter sitting on her table from him. In the letter, Will apologizes for not keeping his promise to her and reminds Alicia that he'd help her remember how the world used to work. Will now wonders if that's what she really needs, believing that if he stays he'll just remind Alicia of a way of life that no longer exists while Alicia needs to build something better. Will tells Alicia not to worry about him as he will figure it out on the surface and maybe one day, Will might get to see the world that she's built.

In the present, as Alicia considers accepting Strand's offer to lead the Tower alongside him, she and Morgan notice a walker crawling behind a barrel nearby. As Morgan goes to deal with it, Alicia stops him and rushes over, recognizing the walker as a zombified Will who has somehow gotten separated from Strand's walker moat. Alicia finds her medallion still around Will's neck and she sadly stabs him in the head, putting Will down. Alicia furiously confronts Strand about Will's murder, demanding to know why he would kill Will if Strand knew where he came from and that Alicia knew him. Strand explains that he knew that Will's death would hurt her and that he'd wanted to keep Alicia away so that he could build his tower the way that it needed to be built. Alicia asks why killing Will would do that and Strand reveals that Will had told him that he loved Alicia. Enraged at how much Strand has taken from her, Will's murder proves to be the last straw for Alicia and she declares war against Strand for control of his tower.

"Divine Providence"

Strand spots Alicia wearing the medallion that she had given to Will. Alicia explains that she took it off of Will's body when she had buried him and confronts Strand about murdering Will. Strand later mentions fighting the walkers in the fog with Will and how Will didn't leave him behind even though he could've because he knew that Strand was looking for Alicia.


Will will appear in this episode.


Killed By

After setting up the beacon, Victor vents to Will, explaining that he doesn't need Alicia and has always prevailed by trusting his instinct, and thus he will keep her and all outsiders away. When Will tells Strand that she will get through to him, he is suddenly grabbed by Victor and thrown off the roof of Strand's Tower, falling to his death. Victor angrily shouts at him that she won't. He later reanimates.

Days later, Alicia discovers Will's zombified corpse and stabs him in the head, putting him down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Will has killed:


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  • Will is the first named character to die in Season 7.
  • It's likely that he was a Democrat before the apocalypse given that he went on to work for democratic senator Elias Vazquez.
  • Will is the second character to be eaten while being a walker, the first being Cameron.
    • However, the walker stops eating Will moments after he reanimated.
  • In the Memoriam on Talking Dead for "PADRE", Will is credited first as Walker Will before walker is crossed out and it's changed into Crawler Will.
  • As revealed in "Divine Providence", Alicia buried his body somewhere after putting Will down in "PADRE".

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