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Will Campbell is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the husband of Felix Carlucci and was a resident of the Campus Colony until being transferred to a research facility in New York as the co-head of Dr. Leo Bennett's security detail along with Romano. After a failed assassination attempt from the Civic Republic Military, Will went on the run and eventually found refuge at the Perimeter, where he became a trusted member and was later reunited with the Endlings. Following the Perimeter's fall, Will settled with the survivors in an underground mall and protects the on-the-lam scientists from the CRM's research facility alongside Felix, with whom he later eloped.




Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Will's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than he earned a doctorate in criminal psychology and a master's degree in behavioral psychology.


Lincoln, Nebraska

At some point during the apocalypse, Will joined a community called the Campus Colony, a satellite community of the survivor city of Omaha, which was part of the Alliance of the Three. In time, he was appointed as a security officer and eventually began a romantic relationship with fellow security officer, Felix Carlucci.

In 2020, the Civic Republic requested Leo Bennett's scientific knowledge at an unknown base of operations. Leo agreed and assigned Will to be the co-head of his security detail along with Romano after asking Felix to look after his daughters instead. Knowing that Felix would miss him, Will left Felix his jacket in remembrance. At the research facility, Will was aware that Leo was sending messages back to his daughters via fax, and said hi to the girls also.

Season 1


As Iris reads the messages her father had sent since his departure to New York, an earlier message states that "Will says Hi" upon Leo's initial arrival.

As Felix's birthday approaches, he admits he misses Will.

Leopold Bennett then sends a message that he is not safe. Indicating that, if Will is still alive, he and Leopold are most likely captives of the Civic Republic.

"Madman Across the Water"

Felix reveals to Iris that he was orignally supposed to go with Leo rather than Will. However, Leo asked for Felix to look after his daughters so Will traded places with him.

"Shadow Puppets"

Lyla Belshaw tells Elizabeth Kublek that neither Leo nor his security detail will be a problem.

"The Deepest Cut"

In a flashback, Felix conducts an intake interrogation with Huck soon after her arrival at the Campus Colony. The interrogation is interrupted by Will who explains that he's there to do a security intake, but Felix states that that's what he's doing. Confused, Will tells Felix that he can stop and explains that he was assigned by Dr. Bavolar because Omaha Police had submitted Huck due to her being former military. Pouring a cup of coffee, Felix tells Will that he knows who she is as Felix has read Huck's file. Felix has been doing security clearances for four years now unassisted, but Will tells him that he doesn't have a doctorate in criminal psychology and a master's in behavioral psychology.

Admitting that he doesn't, Felix apologizes, recognizing why security would want a psych specialist. Will states that Dr. Bavolar thought that he and Felix could conduct the interview together and that it will help to have someone with Felix's experience in the room. Will and Huck introduce themselves to each other and Will states that Huck will be undergoing a battery of psychological tests. Huck asks if she can't "just blame everything on my mother and be done with it?"

In another flashback, Felix and Will lay in bed together, kissing. Felix and his boyfriend joke about Will leaving his old leather jacket at Felix's place before Will gets up to make breakfast on the condition that Felix makes them dinner. Will suggests that the one thing that they're missing is a dog, but Felix rejects the idea even though there is a dog adoption event that day in the East Quad. Will asks about Felix's bad mood and Felix admits that Leo had told him the night before that he wants Felix to stay behind and watch the girls while he's gone. Will reminds Felix that if he joins Leo's security team, he will be gone for months, maybe even years. Felix tells Will that Leo thinks that Will is good for him and he wonders if Leo wants him to stay at the Campus Colony because Felix has Will there. Will reminds Felix that he's allowed to be happy, but Felix is conflicted as he owes Leo everything and Leo didn't have to take him in like he did after Felix's parents kicked him out for being gay. Although Will wants Felix to ask Leo to go with him, Felix states that he can't as Leo has made him promise to watch Hope and Iris. Will recognizes that Felix can't trust anyone else to take care of things, pointing out that his boyfriend is so controlling that he didn't even trust Will to make him a cup of coffee. "Just because someone saved your life, doesn't mean that you have to live the rest of it for them," says Will.

In a flashback, Felix and Will eat dinner with Hope, Iris and Leo. Felix brings up how the CRM is adding a second person to join Romano on Leo's security detail which Leo confirms. While Felix had thought that it might be Dwyer, he had asked and she said that it wasn't her. Felix is surprised that Leo isn't just asking who he wants before Will admits that the second person is him. Felix is shocked and Leo quickly asks Hope and Iris to get dessert ready so that the three adults can talk alone. Felix asks why Leo would do this, but Will explains that it's not Leo's fault as Will had asked to be the one to go. Leo explains that Will had told him that this is what Felix really wanted but was too afraid to ask. Leo promises Felix that he's only ever wanted what's best for him and leaves to go check on Hope and Iris in order to give Felix and Will time alone together.

Will explains to Felix that he is going for Felix's sake so that Felix doesn't have to worry about Leo. Will hopes that when he's back, maybe things can be different. Felix asks if Will means that he needs Felix to be different and Will professes his love for Felix, telling his boyfriend that it is not up to Felix to carry everybody else. Felix needs to figure out how to let that go and to put his trust into other people, into Will.

In another flashback, Iris asks Felix if the transport to Omaha is ready to go and he confirms it, stating that a CRM helicopter will pick them up there. Felix asks where Hope is, but Iris tells her that she's not coming. Leo enters and explains that Hope is still angry that he's leaving. Iris leaves to get the rest of Leo's bags, leaving Felix, Will and Leo alone. Felix apologizes to Leo about Hope and Leo tells him that he keeps reminding himself that anger is just the soul's attempt to avoid sadness and that some people can't bear to say goodbye. Leo warns Felix that you can't outrun pain which will just sit patiently waiting for you to get too tired to run. Leo then leaves Felix and Will alone to say goodbye. Turning to his boyfriend, Felix asks Will to make him a cup of coffee, symbolically letting go his need for control and placing his trust in Will. Will protests that Romano is waiting downstairs with the transport, but Felix states that Romano can wait and Will smiles in agreement.

At a roadside near a parked CRM truck, a terrified Will runs as a gunshot sounds behind him. Will trips and falls near a grave with an empty's head poking out of it. As Will gets up and runs off, a gunshot puts down another empty and four CRM soldiers chase Will through the woods.

"In This Life"

Leo Bennett expresses concern when Will fails to return from his scouting mission with the CRM. This, as well as the strange circumstances of Dr. Samuel Abbott's departure, causes Leo to suspect that the CRM is lying to him and Lyla Belshaw.

As they walk through the woods of New York, Felix and Iris hear a noise and ready their weapons, spotting a group of people nearby. Will emerges from the group and hugs Felix, crying. Will tells Felix and Iris that he'd thought that they were all dead, surprising them. Will realizes that they don't know and states that they have a lot to catch up on. As more people emerge from the woods, Felix, Iris and Will look up as a CRM helicopter flies overhead.

Season 2


Will will appear in this episode.


Will will appear in this episode.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"

Will will appear in this episode.


Will will appear in this episode.

"Who Are You?"

Will will appear in this episode.

"Returning Point"

Will will appear in this episode.

"The Last Light"

Will will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Will has killed:

  • Mills (Caused)
  • 6 unnamed CRM soldiers (5 Caused, Alongside Romano)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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  • Will is the second LGBT character in World Beyond. The first being his boyfriend, Felix.
    • He, along with Felix, are the first LGBT married couple in The Walking Dead franchise.

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