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A few days later, they found me, took me in. I joined a hunting party to help out when I ran into you. (...) I don't know how else to take it. (...) There's no reason that he's not okay, same with Hope. I kicked a hornet's nest, asked too many questions. Must've made me and Romano targets. (...) I don't know, all I know is they want me dead and I will be if they find me.
―Will debriefing Felix and Iris about the CRM.[src]

Will Campbell is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the husband of Felix Carlucci and was a resident of the Campus Colony until being transferred to a research facility in New York as the co-head of Dr. Leo Bennett's security detail along with Romano. After a failed assassination attempt from the Civic Republic Military, Will went on the run and eventually found refuge at the Perimeter, where he became a trusted member and was later reunited with the Endlings. Following the Perimeter's fall, Will settled with the survivors in an underground mall and protects the on-the-lam scientists from the CRM's research facility alongside Felix, with whom he later eloped.


Will is a brave, unselfish, and caring man. After almost being killed by the CRM, Will joined the Perimeter where he became a trusted member. Will is one of the leading figures in the fight against the CRM, risking his life to help those he cares about, especially his boyfriend Felix. He refuses to leave his comrades behind, such as when all the Perimeter residents are rounded up by the CRM to be executed, Will opens fire on the soldiers despite being severely outnumbered. Will later risks his own life to return and help Felix and Leo against Frank Newton and his forces.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Will's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than he earned a doctorate in criminal psychology and a master's degree in behavioral psychology.


Lincoln, Nebraska[]

At some point during the apocalypse, Will joined a community called the Campus Colony, a satellite community of the survivor city of Omaha, which was part of the Alliance of the Three. In time, he was appointed as a security officer and eventually began a romantic relationship with fellow security officer, Felix Carlucci.

In 2020, the Civic Republic requested Leo Bennett's scientific knowledge at an unknown base of operations. Leo agreed and assigned Will to be the co-head of his security detail along with Romano after asking Felix to look after his daughters instead. Knowing that Felix would miss him, Will left Felix his jacket in remembrance. At the research facility, Will was aware that Leo was sending messages back to his daughters via fax, and said hi to the girls also.

Season 1[]


As Iris reads the messages her father had sent since his departure to New York, an earlier message states that "Will says Hi" upon Leo's initial arrival.

As Felix's birthday approaches, he admits he misses Will.

Leopold Bennett then sends a message that he is not safe. Indicating that, if Will is still alive, he and Leopold are most likely captives of the Civic Republic.

"Madman Across the Water"[]

Felix reveals to Iris that he was originally supposed to go with Leo rather than Will. However, Leo asked for Felix to look after his daughters so Will traded places with him.

"Shadow Puppets"[]

Lyla Belshaw tells Elizabeth Kublek that neither Leo nor his security detail will be a problem.

"The Deepest Cut"[]

In a flashback, Felix conducts an intake interrogation with Huck soon after her arrival at the Campus Colony. The interrogation is interrupted by Will who explains that he's there to do a security intake, but Felix states that that's what he's doing. Confused, Will tells Felix that he can stop and explains that he was assigned by Dr. Bavolar because Omaha Police had submitted Huck due to her being former military. Pouring a cup of coffee, Felix tells Will that he knows who she is as Felix has read Huck's file. Felix has been doing security clearances for four years now unassisted, but Will tells him that he doesn't have a doctorate in criminal psychology and a master's in behavioral psychology.

Admitting that he doesn't, Felix apologizes, recognizing why security would want a psych specialist. Will states that Dr. Bavolar thought that he and Felix could conduct the interview together and that it will help to have someone with Felix's experience in the room. Will and Huck introduce themselves to each other and Will states that Huck will be undergoing a battery of psychological tests. Huck asks if she can't "just blame everything on my mother and be done with it?"

In another flashback, Felix and Will lay in bed together, kissing. Felix and his boyfriend joke about Will leaving his old leather jacket at Felix's place before Will gets up to make breakfast on the condition that Felix makes them dinner. Will suggests that the one thing that they're missing is a dog, but Felix rejects the idea even though there is a dog adoption event that day in the East Quad. Will asks about Felix's bad mood and Felix admits that Leo had told him the night before that he wants Felix to stay behind and watch the girls while he's gone. Will reminds Felix that if he joins Leo's security team, he will be gone for months, maybe even years. Felix tells Will that Leo thinks that Will is good for him and he wonders if Leo wants him to stay at the Campus Colony because Felix has Will there. Will reminds Felix that he's allowed to be happy, but Felix is conflicted as he owes Leo everything and Leo didn't have to take him in like he did after Felix's parents kicked him out for being gay. Although Will wants Felix to ask Leo to go with him, Felix states that he can't as Leo has made him promise to watch Hope and Iris. Will recognizes that Felix can't trust anyone else to take care of things, pointing out that his boyfriend is so controlling that he didn't even trust Will to make him a cup of coffee. "Just because someone saved your life, doesn't mean that you have to live the rest of it for them," says Will.

In a flashback, Felix and Will eat dinner with Hope, Iris and Leo. Felix brings up how the CRM is adding a second person to join Romano on Leo's security detail which Leo confirms. While Felix had thought that it might be Dwyer, he had asked and she said that it wasn't her. Felix is surprised that Leo isn't just asking who he wants before Will admits that the second person is him. Felix is shocked and Leo quickly asks Hope and Iris to get dessert ready so that the three adults can talk alone. Felix asks why Leo would do this, but Will explains that it's not Leo's fault as Will had asked to be the one to go. Leo explains that Will had told him that this is what Felix really wanted but was too afraid to ask. Leo promises Felix that he's only ever wanted what's best for him and leaves to go check on Hope and Iris in order to give Felix and Will time alone together.

Will explains to Felix that he is going for Felix's sake so that Felix doesn't have to worry about Leo. Will hopes that when he's back, maybe things can be different. Felix asks if Will means that he needs Felix to be different and Will professes his love for Felix, telling his boyfriend that it is not up to Felix to carry everybody else. Felix needs to figure out how to let that go and to put his trust into other people, into Will.

In another flashback, Iris asks Felix if the transport to Omaha is ready to go and he confirms it, stating that a CRM helicopter will pick them up there. Felix asks where Hope is, but Iris tells her that she's not coming. Leo enters and explains that Hope is still angry that he's leaving. Iris leaves to get the rest of Leo's bags, leaving Felix, Will and Leo alone. Felix apologizes to Leo about Hope and Leo tells him that he keeps reminding himself that anger is just the soul's attempt to avoid sadness and that some people can't bear to say goodbye. Leo warns Felix that you can't outrun pain which will just sit patiently waiting for you to get too tired to run. Leo then leaves Felix and Will alone to say goodbye. Turning to his boyfriend, Felix asks Will to make him a cup of coffee, symbolically letting go his need for control and placing his trust in Will. Will protests that Romano is waiting downstairs with the transport, but Felix states that Romano can wait and Will smiles in agreement.

At a roadside near a parked CRM truck, a terrified Will runs as a gunshot sounds behind him. Will trips and falls near a grave with an empty's head poking out of it. As Will gets up and runs off, a gunshot puts down another empty and four CRM soldiers chase Will through the woods.

"In This Life"[]

Leo Bennett expresses concern when Will fails to return from his scouting mission with the CRM. This, as well as the strange circumstances of Dr. Samuel Abbott's departure, causes Leo to suspect that the CRM is lying to him and Lyla Belshaw.

As they walk through the woods of New York, Felix and Iris hear a noise and ready their weapons, spotting a group of people nearby. Will emerges from the group and hugs Felix, crying. Will tells Felix and Iris that he'd thought that they were all dead, surprising them. Will realizes that they don't know and states that they have a lot to catch up on. As more people emerge from the woods, Felix, Iris and Will look up as a CRM helicopter flies overhead.

Season 2[]


Felix asks Will what happened and he explains to Felix and Iris that the CRM controls all communications in and out. Each message is coded and scheduled to avoid detection and the CRM don't mess around.

In a flashback, Will tells Frank Newton that he's worried as he hasn't heard anything in weeks. Frank claims to understand Will's concern, but it could be anything causing the communications troubles.

In the present, Will elaborates that he had been waiting on a security update from Omaha that was weeks late and as time went on, the CRM kept stonewalling and Will had made the mistake of telling the CRM as much. Will and Romano had heard that the CRM were sending a team to a relay station a few hundred miles out to look into the communication break and Leo gave them his blessing to go with them, but they had downplayed it so that Leo wouldn't worry and told Leo that it was a scouting mission.

In a flashback, Will and Romano greet Frank near a truck that the CRM is loading up and Frank has bags put over their heads as per protocol. In a voiceover, Will notes that, looking back, there were signs that it was a setup such as the CRM not putting up a fight when they wanted to go. As the truck drives down the road, Will hears a cryptic comment by one of the soldiers about picking up a patrol shift the next day despite it being a three-day trip. The CRM team was also light on supplies for a three-day trip. Will signals Romano and the two men fight with the CRM soldiers, crashing the truck and killing the five other men. Chased by empties, Will and Romano flee into the woods, but Romano is shot from behind and killed by Frank who fires after Will who manages to escape.

In the present, Will states that he was on the run for a few days when he heard the helicopters which were dropping off shipping containers full of supplies from the Campus Colony and Omaha such as generators and computers some of which was covered in blood and all of which was loaded up into trucks and driven off. Will sadly tells Felix and Iris that he'd heard it being called a salvage mission and that everything had been messed up a giant herd that had run through. A few days later, Will was found by the people that he's with and he'd joined a hunting party to help out when he ran into them. Felix asks if Will is saying that empties just ran through Omaha and Will admits that he doesn't know how else to take it. Crying, Iris wonders how Omaha and the Campus Colony could just be gone and asks about Leo, but Will reassures her that there is no reason to believe that Leo is not alright, Hope as well. Will had kicked the hornet's nest and asked too many questions which must've made him and Romano targets. Iris wonders if the CRM knew the whole time and why they would lie, but Will only knows that the CRM wants him dead and that he will be if they find him. With empties approaching, Will leads Felix and Iris away.

Will leads Felix and Iris to his new community, explaining that the whole place is secure and the storm the night before had knocked some trees onto the wall. While some empties might've breached, they got it patched up pretty quick. Iris recognizes one of the sculptures that they're passing from a book that she read and Felix wonders what this place is. Will identifies it as the Perimeter, an abandoned farm town that was bought before the world ended and turned into an artist colony. They have since built it up and brought people in. Helping the injured Felix out of the wagon, Will introduces Felix and Iris to Indira, the head of the council that runs the Perimeter. Indira offers her condolences about the destruction of their home and, with Will vouching for Felix and Iris, promises them a home at the Perimeter until a more permanent solution can be found. Indira allows them to keep their knives, but asks that, for the safety and comfort of others, they surrender all other weapons while they're on the Perimeter's land. With Will's encouragement, Felix hands over his S-Pole and Iris hands over Shiloh. Indira informs them that they can stay in a spare bedroom in the house that Will's staying in and, while the council will want to ask them some questions, she will hold them off until the next day. She also promises to have someone look at Will's leg wound. Indira asks what they're living for now as living takes effort and a reason for everyone. If they're going to be living with the Perimeter now, Indira needs to know those reasons. Felix tells her that he lives for Will, Iris and a few others while Iris tells Indira that she lives for hope. Satisfied, Indira allows them to move on.

In the house, Felix removes his shirt and looks at himself in the mirror before kissing Will and breaking down sobbing in his arms. That night, Felix asks how safe they are there and Will tells him that it's pretty rare for the CRM to cross into Perimeter territory. Will explains that it's part of the deal that Indira had struck with the CRM: her people clear the area of the dead and ward strangers away from the research facility. In return, the CRM gives them supplies and neutrality. In effect, the Perimeter doesn't bother the CRM and vice versa. The Perimeter is risking everything by harboring them.

Iris enters the room, having finished deciphering the code books which contain supply depot locations, fuel inventories, stuff that they could use once they get Hope and Leo back. However, there is nothing in them that can help them get Hope and Leo back. Iris advocates scouting the facility while it's dark and seeing for themselves what they're up against. Will pulls out the layout of the facility that he was drawing up and explains that while he wants Hope and Leo safe from the CRM just as much as they do, there's nothing that they can do just yet. While Felix is impatient to act, Will warns him that the CRM has got guards, patrols and long-range security. Just getting within a mile of the research facility is dangerous and it won't tell them anything that Will doesn't already know. This is about the long game, not just getting those that they care about back. It's about not just how they get in, but how they get Hope and Leo out and where they go after and the safety of not just themselves, but the people of the Perimeter who are giving them shelter. One wrong move means the end for all of them.


Iris, Felix and Will look out over a small herd clustered in and around a river and Iris makes a suggestion about which one of the empties to pick, but Felix and Will reject her suggestion. Spotting an empty approaching, Iris goes to put it down, but she freezes when the growls remind her of her nightmare about the empty with the CRM helmet on underneath it and looking at the soldier that she had killed. Iris briefly hallucinates the empty pulling off its face to reveal a CRM helmet before Felix puts it down with his spear. With none of the empties having proven to be sufficient, Will instead suggests checking out a gully a mile north where empties sometimes build up. Although Felix protests, Will angrily asks if he has any other ideas and Felix is forced to concede that he doesn't.

Iris acknowledges that Will had told them that coming out here was dangerous and she'd be mad too if she was him. Both Felix and Will wonder why she did it then and Iris reveals that she believes that the CRM was responsible for the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony, not empties. Iris points out that they had killed Romano, tried to kill Will and were willing to kill the Endlings so why not everyone back home or in Omaha. Felix is surprised that Iris thinks that the CRM did it, but Iris wonders why else they would cover it up. Felix points out that they're talking about a hundred thousand people here and Iris is suggesting that they had just wanted them all dead. but why would they do it as they weren't a threat. Iris thinks that maybe they had something that the CRM wanted like Hope and they saw how far the CRM went to take her. Will admits that the thought has crossed his mind too. An empty approaches that Will declares is perfect for their needs. The three dress the empty up in Will's jacket and gag it with a belt, making it appear as if the empty is an undead Will from a distance. Satisfied, Felix orders the other two to grab the soldier while he takes the empty and meet him at the drop off. Putting down two approaching empties, Iris and Will head off in one direction while Felix leaves in the other.

At the Perimeter, Brody argues to the Council that Iris, Felix and Will can't be trusted, pointing out that Iris had killed a CRM soldier with one of their weapons and Will is wanted by the CRM. As such, the three have put them all at risk. Felix tells the Council that they have a plan that will fix that and Iris asks for a chance to make this right. Brody states that it's too dangerous for them to stay, especially as Iris, Felix and Will haven't been forthcoming. Brody produces Iris' CRM code books as proof, angering her as he had gone through her stuff. Brody reveals that it contains the locations of CRM supply drops and fuel depots, and he worries about what will happen if the CRM finds out about it. Felix insists that they won't with Will adding that, if their plan works, it won't just take some heat off of him but protect everyone at the Perimeter too. Will appeals to Indira to let them stay, but the argument is interrupted by the approach of CRM vehicles.

Indira orders Iris, Felix and Will to hide, although Will considers surrendering himself as the CRM only wants him. With Iris unable to retrieve her code books in time, Brody quickly covers them up. Brody warns Indira that if they don't hand them over, the Perimeter could lose everything, but Indira refuses to consider it as that isn't what their community is about. Elizabeth Kublek enters with two CRM soldiers and apologizes for her unannounced visit and explains to Indira and Brody that she's there because the CRM is looking into something. Elizabeth's attention is drawn to one of Indira's paintings on the wall near where Iris' code books are hidden, and Brody notices the wind blow the papers covering them up off. As Elizabeth reminisces about the painting that Indira had done of her daughter, Indira distracts her by asking about Jennifer whom Indira's people haven't seen in two years. Elizabeth tells Indira that Jennifer has just returned home from assignment and that it's a lot of responsibility to be entrusted with the well-being and survival of so many people.

Elizabeth explains that she has come because of a security issue: one of her soldiers had vanished not far from there the night before, worrying the hiding group. Elizabeth suggests that its someone at the research facility who is causing them trouble, not believing that anyone at the Perimeter would risk their agreement, but Indira claims that the Perimeter hasn't seen any new faces around. Citing the Perimeter's damaged wall, Elizabeth asks to be allowed to have her soldiers search the community to make sure that no one slipped in unnoticed, but Indira refuses, stating that the wall has been fixed and the Perimeter's lookouts do a fine job. Stating that you can never be too careful, Elizabeth has her soldiers search anyways. While admiring some of the paintings hanging up, Elizabeth unknowingly stands just a few feet from where Iris, Felix and Will are hiding. After a tense moment, Elizabeth receives a radio call that her men have eyes on their missing soldier in Watkins Glen and on Indira's silent nod, Brody takes the opportunity to hide the code books once again. Satisfied, Elizabeth leaves, apologizing to Indira for the intrusion and expressing a hope that they can talk more next time, much to everyone's relief.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"[]

Patrolling in the woods of the Perimeter, Felix puts down an empty with his S-Pole. Before he can take out a second one, Will shoots it with his bow, telling Felix that he'd hesitated before retrieving his arrow. Felix notes that it's the first two that they've seen and Will suggests that a few more might've made it in through the breach in the wall and promises to make sure that Indira knows about that.

As they prepare to enter town, Felix stops Will, spotting Huck talking with Indira in the center of town while Hope and Iris hug. Felix stops Will from entering town, reminding his boyfriend that they can't let Huck see him when the CRM believes Will to be dead. Felix points out that there could be CRM soldiers around and they have to be smart about this and he orders a visibly reluctant Will to stay behind as Felix goes in alone.

Felix enters Will's house where his impatient boyfriend is looking through the window for him and demands to know where he went. Felix tells Will that although this is going to sound crazy, he thinks that he saw Percy coming from the armory. Will draws Felix's attention to bloody bandages and medical supplies open on the table and Felix realizes that it's Percy's. Checking out the window, Felix discovers that the armory is open and he tells Will that he thinks that Percy is alive and is going after Huck. If Percy is, he is going to get them all killed.

In the woods, Will spots the vengeful Percy preparing to shoot Huck as she stops to admire one of the Perimeter's sculptures. Unable to bring himself to shoot Percy with his bow, Will instead runs between Huck and Percy, revealing his survival to her and alarming Felix who witnesses this and runs over as well. Huck is shocked to see Will and he explains that they had to make the CRM think that he was dead in order to throw them off of his trail. Will reveals to Huck that the CRM were trying to kill him and that they'd killed Romano and want him dead. With Felix and Will blocking his shot, Percy leaves.

Will explains that he was onto the truth about Omaha which is why the CRM had tried to kill him, to cover up what they did. Huck believes that the CRM was just trying to keep Omaha quiet until they got Hope to the research facility and so that Leo wouldn't think that his family was there, but Will isn't buying it. With Huck refusing to believe that the CRM could be behind the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony, Felix wonders if she's just blind or really that stupid. Huck insists that if the CRM had destroyed Omaha, it would've gone through her mother who would've told her. Felix tells Huck to open her eyes to the fact that her mother is lying to her. Huck has spent her whole life lying to everyone around her so what makes her think that her mother is any different. Unable to come up with a good answer, Huck states that the sun will be up soon, and she needs to find Hope and go. Felix refuses, worried that Huck will tell the CRM about Will's survival, but Huck promises that she won't. While they have every reason to hate her, like it or not, Huck is the closest thing to a friend that they have in the CRM.

Hope says goodbye to Felix and Will, asking Will to look after Iris and Felix. Now aware of the CRM's attempted murder of Will and believing that the CRM had destroyed Omaha and the Campus Colony, Hope confronts Iris about not telling her the truth about it which changes everything. Iris insists that she had wanted to tell Hope and that maybe she should've, unsure of why she didn't. Hope asks if there's anything else that she should know and, with a glance at Huck, Iris shakes her head. Hugging Hope, Iris promises that they will get Hope and Leo out and asks Hope to tell Leo that they're okay and not to worry. Hope wishes that she could and leaves with Huck.

Later, Will sits on his bed waiting for Felix. Will asks if Felix had talked to Percy, telling Felix that he had read Percy the riot act and Percy had only been doing what Felix had wanted to. Felix points out that he didn't, and he is glad that Percy is okay, but they can't stay at the Perimeter which isn't safe for them anymore, Will specifically. However, Will knows that the smart play for Huck is to keep his survival quiet. If Huck tells the CRM, she exposes herself and its mutually assured destruction. Becoming emotional, Felix refuses to lose Will again and Will assures his boyfriend that they will find a way out of this. However, Felix isn't sure how they're going to do that, they don't even know how to save Hope and Leo and now they have Silas to worry about as well. Will is surprised by the mention of Silas and asks if Silas is with them too, but Felix tells him that Huck had mentioned something about a culling outpost. Will becomes intrigued by this and reveals that if Silas is where Huck says that he is, Will might know a way to get everybody out.


Iris, Percy, Felix, Will and Elton make their way through the woods towards the culling facility where Silas works, putting down several empties as they go. Elton, now armed with an axe, asks if Iris really thinks that their plan is going to work and she says that she does, but Elton doesn't respond when Iris asks about his thoughts on the success of their plan. Elton asks how Hope is and Iris says that she's good and that Elton can ask her himself this time tomorrow.

The group spots a large herd moving in the same direction that they are, and Will confirms that the facility should be just over the upcoming ridge. Loud music begins drawing the herd towards the facility and Felix warns the others that it won't be long before the music fills the whole area with empties. Seeing that the area is filled with empties, Will comments that they are going to need an exit strategy. Spotting a creek bed filled with the undead, Felix decides to lure as many as he can into it and keep things clear while everyone else keeps moving. Will argues with Felix about Felix remaining behind alone and Iris tells them both to stay while she, Felix and Elton go on ahead. Percy adds that they'll go in, make contact and get out. If the things get dicey, they'll split, and Elton promises that they'll be "smart and safe. Just like you taught us." With Will agreeing with them, Felix gives in and provides final instructions to stay low and watch for spotters which Iris finishes for him. Left alone, Felix and Will begin luring empties in and knocking them into the creek bed.

At the Perimeter, Indira is surprised to learn that their plan is to turn themselves in. Iris clarifies that it's just her and Felix and Dev asks about Elton and Percy. Elton explains that they're not the CRM's priority and it's better if they stay on the outside, although Percy is less than happy about it. Felix states that they are going to approach from the south so that it doesn't look like they crossed through the Perimeter's territory. Indira worries that a willing surrender may draw suspicion, but Asha suggests instead that they turn Iris and Felix in and make it look like the Perimeter caught them. Indira agrees that it would look less suspicious, and it would show the CRM that the Perimeter is honoring their agreement.

Iris is surprised that Indira would be willing to do that, but Indira is more worried about her friends: escaping will be dangerous and from what she saw, Hope wasn't too eager to leave. However, Will tells her that that was before Hope knew the truth and Iris adds that Hope is her sister and she'll leave. Will adds that once they're out, they'll pick up him, Elton and Percy a mile west of the Perimeter. The Endlings will lay low - possibly at the underground mall near Cornell that Dev had mentioned to them - and then once things blow over, they'll head west. Indira warns them that things don't just blow over with the CRM and they'll be all alone if they need help on the inside. Percy reveals that he and Will have found a way to get a message out if the plan changes through a dead drop. The Perimeter's supplies come in late in the day on the first Wednesday of every month which is the next day.

Walking outside together, Elton suggests to Asha that if this plan works, the Perimeter will finally have the Endlings out of their hair. However, Asha tells him that it hasn't been so bad having them in their hair and he'll get to see Hope. Indira checks with Will that he's sure that this is what he wants to do knowing what he could lose, but Felix tells her that it's the CRM's turn to lose and Felix intends to make damn sure that they do.

That night, as Iris, Felix, Indira and Dev prepare for departure in a wagon, kissing Will goodbye, Felix asks for the name of the soldier that had killed Romano and tried to kill Will, but Will simply reminds him to be smart and safe. Will orders Felix to get in and out, having already thought that he'd lost his boyfriend once and not willing to do it again. Felix promises that Will won't and that this isn't goodbye. Indira approaches to announce that it's time to go. Dev provides Iris and Felix with rope and Indira tells them that she and Dev will tie them up and blindfold them when they're close.

Later, Elton and Will wait for their friends to show up at the rendezvous point.

"Who Are You?"[]

In a flashback, Leo, Lyla, Will, Romano, Samuel Abbott, Dr. Ebersol, two other scientists and a squad of CRM soldiers led by Corporal Diane Pierce run through the woods, fleeing a small herd. However, the soldiers, Will and Romano are able to put all of the nearby empties down. Leo jokes that it's just another day at the office while Diane apologizes, stating that a small herd they'd been tracking had dipped south a little too close for comfort. Diane tells the scientists that they'll wait it out there for a few minutes until the CRM's disruption charges turn the empties around. Will warns that the charges might draw more empties from the south and he leaves with Romano to scout it out.

In the present, Dev gives Elton Iris' coded message from the dead drop. As Dev, Asha, Indira and Will watch, Elton decodes it and immediately becomes worried. Elton reveals that the others aren't leaving and Will snatches the message to read it for himself. Dev points out the others are supposed to get in, grab Hope and Leo and get out and wonders what else they could be doing. Angry, Will gives the message to Indira which reveals that the others intend to burn the research facility to the ground. "They're gonna start a war," Indira realizes.

As the Council debates on what to do, Elton sits on the stoop outside and an agitated Will paces, upset that Felix hadn't stuck to the plan. Elton tells Will that it's worse and admits that Indira is sick from kidney failure and saline dialysis and blood thinners are all that's keeping her alive and all of those meds come from the research facility. Indira has kept it a secret from everyone but her family with Elton having only found out by accident. There's no way that Iris and Felix know as burning down the facility, if they really intend to do it, means destroying everything that Indira needs to live. As Will processes the news, Dev and Asha emerge from the house and tell Will and Elton that they're good. While Brody tried to pull some shit, it didn't work and they can stay, at least for now. Will thanks the two, but he announces that he's not staying, he can't, and he needs to get back inside of the facility.

That night, looking at Will's map of the facility, Dev tells Will that he can cut him through Larkin Notch which will get Will a half mile from the research facility without the long-range patrols spotting him. Elton asks what Will's next move will be and he finds a holding pen on the fence line where the scientists keep the empties that they use for study. Security will be laxer there, but Elton points out it's because the CRM assume that no one's actually crazy enough to cut through. Elton and Asha exchange concerned looks as Will states that it's how he gets in and once he finds the others, Will will tell them about Indira and make sure that whatever they're up to doesn't jeopardize the medicine that she needs. With Indira having risked everything for them, Will owes her this. Asha pleads with Will to at least take her and Elton with him, but if the others make it out or things go sideways, Will needs them both safe. Dev teases his sister about her being worried and Asha claims that she just doesn't want to get stuck holding the bag if Indira finds out. Dev suggests that Asha tell their mother that, instead of Indira taking care of everyone else, someone's off taking care of her for a change. Dev jokes that it's also pretty fun leaving his little sister holding the bag sometimes. Will and Dev leave with Dev playfully punching Asha's shoulder.

In the woods, Dev tells Will that they're close and the research facility is just over the next hill. Will wonders how Dev knows this area so well and he admits to having done a lot of wandering off and sneaking out growing up. Both men acknowledge that having a home to sneak away from is a lucky thing and Will tells Dev that he owes Dev and his family everything. Stopping Dev, Will tells him that Dev should head back, he'll take it from here. Dev pulls out a gun that had belonged to his dad who had given it to Dev years ago before he died. Indira doesn't know that it exists, and Dev hasn't used it before, but he wants Will to have it.

Suddenly, Dev is shot in the head by an approaching CRM patrol, killing him and splattering the shocked Will's face with his blood. Will drops to the ground beside Dev's corpse and after staring at it in shock for a moment, Will grabs Dev's gun and spear and, leaving Dev's body behind, runs off into the woods as the soldiers shoot at him.

"Returning Point"[]

A devastated Will returns to the Perimeter carrying Dev's spear. Based on the look on his face and Will's possession of Dev's spear, Indira and Asha realize that Dev is dead and break down in each other's arms as Elton, Will, Brody and the other residents watch.

In Indira's house, she stares at a picture of the globe sculpture outside of the research facility and Will tearfully explains that he hadn't wanted to leave Dev, but he knew that it would be bad if the CRM saw them together. However, the CRM might've seen them together and Will apologizes, blaming himself for Dev's death. However, Indira states that Dev was out there because of her. Indira explains that she was dying, and Elizabeth Kublek offered her treatment so that Indira could live. Indira was too selfish and too scared to let go of her life, community and children. Addressing Elton, Asha, Brody, Robin and the other gathered council members, Indira reveals that Dev had died helping her to get medicine so that Indira could hold onto things that she had no right to still be holding onto. Indira handed the CRM control of her life, and, because of that, the CRM took the life of her son and now they could lose everything.

Ignoring Will's attempts to comfort her, Indira tells the others that they need to assume that the CRM knows that her son trespassed and that the Perimeter's non-aggression pact with the CRM is nullified. Things are escalating and they all know what the CRM is capable of. It is no longer safe for anyone at the Perimeter, and they have to leave. Robin agrees that they will gather what they can carry and head to the waystation near Cornell and go from there. Indira orders him to let the others know and announces that she will step down as their leader once they get to safety. Furious, Brody storms out of the house without a word. Indira, Robin, the rest of the council and Will follow her, leaving Elton and Asha behind.

Loading up a wagon with Indira, Will tells her about a dream that he has of his future with Felix where they're older and have a beautiful family which is what Will lives for and everything that he does is in service of that dream. While that might Will selfish, he doesn't think that it makes him wrong. Will doesn't think that what Indira did to live for her family is wrong either. Will walks away, leaving Indira to ponder his words.

An alarmed Elton, Asha and Robin run up to Indira and Robin reveals that Brody had split off from the first caravan and headed east, ranting about making things right with the CRM. Three CRM vehicles arrive, carrying Sergeant Mills' team who round up the Perimeter residents aside from Will who manages to hide behind a house. Mills tells Indira that they took out a good sized piece of the Perimeter's wall on their way in, but they won't need it after today.

As everyone else kneels and Will observes from his hiding spot, Indira begs Mills to let her speak with Elizabeth. Contacting Mills, Jadis orders him to put her on with Indira. Indira pleads with Jadis to call off her soldiers and take Indira while letting her people live. Jadis admits that she's impressed with the globe sculpture that Elizabeth had commissioned from Indira years before, acknowledging that the kind of welding involved is tricky which Jadis knows personally. "I was like you once. Leading a community of artists, but they never really stood a chance, as yours don't now," Jadis reveals. Jadis believes that larger, more powerful communities overtake smaller ones and that it's become their responsibility to. The larger communities are ascendant because they've adapted and equipped themselves for survival not just through might, but by seeing the world for what it is and what it must be. While Indira's vision is lovely, it doesn't portray what is. Indira doesn't and can't see it which is why the CRM can't let her people live. Making Indira kneel, Mills reports that the hostiles are secured and his team is awaiting Jadis' orders. Huck objects that the Perimeter provides a valuable service to the CRM and are a resource, but Jadis orders Mills to kill everyone.

Will draws the gun that Dev gave him as Mills' squad assumes firing positions. Kneeling next to Asha, Elton sees a leaf float by on the breeze. Interlocking his pinkie with Asha's, Elton promises her that it's going to be alright. As the soldiers prepare to execute everyone, Will opens fire, wounding Mills before he runs out of bullets. As the soldiers fire at Will, Dennis suddenly opens fire, killing one and engaging in a firefight with the rest, joined by Silas, much to Elton's amazement, who kills two more soldiers. Dennis calls orders into his radio for the squad to fall back to the mill, confusing them and causing them to fall back. Crawling over to Mills and grabbing a CRM gun, Indira orders her people to arm themselves and find cover. As Elton, Asha and Robin take cover together, Mills draws his pistol and kills Robin, but Indira shoots him in the head from behind before he can kill Elton and Asha.

While Dennis continues to exchange fire with the soldiers, Perimeter residents arm themselves and try to join the fight with Elton grabbing a nearby crossbow. However, two of the residents are killed by the soldiers' gunfire. Silas grabs one of the soldier's rifles and, along with Indira, gives Dennis covering fire. With Silas and Indira's covering fire, Dennis is able to grab a grenade off of a dead soldier and he uses it to blow up the mill and the surviving CRM soldiers while Elton covers Asha from the blast.

In the aftermath, Indira and Asha embrace each other while Elton hugs Silas. Elton asks Silas how he and Dennis knew to come, but Silas explains that they didn't, they had been on their way to tell everyone about the plan. A confused Will asks what plan Silas is talking about and Silas explains that the others are escaping. Dennis orders Silas to get his friends and the supplies to the rendezvous and to be ready. Will asks what they need to be ready for and what the plan is before Dennis discovers that he's been shot in the side and severely wounded. Dennis falls to his knees as Silas rushes forward, worried about his friend.

"The Last Light"[]

As Felix and Leo exchange fire with Frank Newton and two CRM soldiers, Will suddenly joins them, armed with a CRM rifle. Will explains that he was headed to the underground mall with the others, but he doubled back after hearing Leo's distress call. Still under fire, Leo states that they can't do this forever, and Will orders the other two to split the soldiers up as it will be easier to pick them off. Felix decides to circle around as a decoy and cut through the trees, stating that Frank is an asshole who is sure to take the bait. As Leo and Will provide covering fire, Felix grabs Leo's S-Pole and heads off through the trees, chased by Frank.

As Leo, Will and the two soldiers continue to exchange fire, one of the men runs out of ammo and is forced to reload. Sneaking around the truck, Will attempts to shoot him, only to discover that he has run out of ammo as well. The two men enter into a physical fight, ending with Will snapping the soldier's neck, killing him. The other soldier moves into the woods where he finds and prepares to shoot the other two men. Will sneaks up on the soldier, but hearing him, the man turns and fires at Will who hides behind a tree. As the soldier is distracted with Will, Leo shoots and kills him from the side.

That night, Felix stands guard with a pair of binoculars outside of Dolsons. Walking inside, Felix approaches the cot where an unconscious Elton is laying with Asha at his side and Leo tending to him following the amputation of part of his left arm due to an empty bite. Leo leads Felix over to where Hope and Iris are standing and tells him that Elton's breathing shallow and has lost a lot of blood, maybe too much to survive. Leo suggests that they should secure Elton just in case he dies and Hope tells Felix that Elton had saved her life. Will calls Indira over and hands her two boxes of vials that were in Elton's bag which Elton had stolen from the research facility. Indira tells the others that it's the medicine that she needs to live with her kidney failure.

Later, Iris approaches Hope as she sits vigil at a still unconscious Elton's bedside, reading a book. Hope tells her sister that the book is Elton's and that he had started writing a book. Leo approaches his daughters and Iris tells him that she was talking with some of Indira's people and a bunch of them want to leave and head to Portland to warn them once it's safe in a few days. Leo asks if Iris wants the scientists to go with them, and Hope objects that they can't leave Elton. However, Iris isn't suggesting that they should. While Iris knows that the underground mall isn't permanent, it seems safe, and Cornell University is nearby and there must be lab equipment there. If the scientists stay, they can keep working on this place and the science for years.

Leo realizes that Iris wants to go with the people that are leaving, and she admits that she thinks that it's what she's supposed to do. Iris knows that she might not be making any sense right now, but Hope feels that she is: this isn't about them, but the future. Not the CRM's future, but the future of everybody. That's how Hope feels and she's sure that it's how Elton feels too. Leo tells Iris that he loves her, but he can't just let her go. Iris promises that she'd come back with reinforcements from Portland. Will suggests that maybe he and Felix can go with Iris too, but Iris refuses as there's too much at stake here, too much that needs to be protected. Felix agrees with Iris, stating that the CRM's close and the scientists aren't fighters, but Iris is.

A few days later, Iris and several people prepare to depart for Portland while Hope, Indira, Felix, Will, and some of the others stay with Leo. Indira reassures Leo that Iris is in good hands with her people and vice versa as they watch Iris say goodbye to Felix and Will. Iris gives Will a map showing her route to Portland in case he needs to find her for any reason and Felix asks Iris to take care of herself to which Iris returns the sentiment, asking Felix and Will to take care of each other. Iris tearfully turns to her sister and Hope remembers how she said that they would save the world together. Hope still thinks that they could with Iris adding that they can even if they're not together anymore. "All this... it didn't change us. It just showed us that who we are is who we were," comments Iris. Hope and Iris hug each other and exchange I love yous before Iris begins to leave. Stopping Iris, Hope gives her a double middle finger, causing Leo and Indira to laugh. Hope tells her sister to "grin, girl" and Iris returns the middle finger with a laugh. Leo waves goodbye with Will blows Iris a kiss and she begins ascending the escalator out. Suddenly, Asha runs in with the news that Elton is awake, stopping Iris' departure. Elated by the news, everyone rushes to Elton's side.

Felix joins Will in their room at the mall, now married to each other and with the dog that Will had dreamed of one day having together.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Will has killed:

  • Mills (Caused)
  • 6 unnamed CRM soldiers (5 Caused, alongside Romano)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people





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