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"Hey, Nick! Come draw with me."
—Willa to Nicholas Clark.[src]

Willa Geary is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is the daughter of George Geary and Melissa, and the younger sister of Seth and Harry.


Catrina Island, California

Very little is known about Willa's life prior to the outbreak, or as the outbreak began expect that she had two brothers, a father, a mother, and an uncle named Kyle.


Season 2

"We All Fall Down"

Willa plays on the beach with her brother Harry as a lone zombie approaches the pair, but the zombie is prevented from reaching them due to the chain link fence standing in its way. After the arrival of Travis' group, Willa and her family invite the survivors into their house. Later, she plays with her brother alongside Nick and Alicia. Meanwhile, Madison and Melissa discuss Travis' group taking the young children with, as Melissa does not want her husband to kill their entire family with pills. However, George catches wind of Melissa's plans and intervenes. Unfortunately, Harry informs the adults that something is wrong with his sister. The survivors find a deceased Willa near the bag of pills, in which they realize she accidentally overdosed and died after ingesting the pills. A distraught Melissa cradles her daughter's body when the young girl wakes up and bites her mother, killing her. Ultimately it is unknown what happens to the rest of her family after she, Melissa, and presumably George are killed, as Harry and Seth are left alone on the island after Travis and his group leave, before offering to take in the two boys, to which Seth refuses.


Killed By

After Nick rummages through George's room to look for possible stashes of drugs, he accidentally leaves the cyanide capsules, which was put there by George, out of their hiding spot.

  • Herself (Accidentally Caused)
  • Cyanide pills (Alive)

Willa finds one of the capsules and eats it, possibly thinking its candy. She dies of poisoning and then reanimates.

Although she was never put down on-screen, she was most likely killed by her brother Seth.

Killed Victims

This is a list of victims that Willa has killed:


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 2


  • Willa is the first named character to die in Season 2.
  • She is the first child shown in the television continuity to go through the reanimation process.
    • She is also the first child zombie to be seen devouring a person in the television continuity.

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