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This article is about Wiltshire Estates in the TV Series. You may be looking for Wiltshire Estates in the Comic Series.

Wiltshire Estates appeared in the TV series when Shane Walsh and Andrea go and search the estates for a lost Sophia Peletier in the episode "Secrets".


Nothing is known about the estates' history before or when the outbreak started except that according to Jimmy, it had went up about ten years before.


Shane asks Andrea to help him follow up on a lead to Sophia's whereabouts and the two drive up to the suburban community. Though no walkers appear at first and the area seems to be completely abandoned, the residence has been clearly hit by the epidemic dead, with decaying corpses being found within some houses. The community itself has also suffered from decay, abandoned cars are littered everywhere, and garbage has overflown into the streets. When Shane and Andrea finish their search, the neighborhood suddenly swarms with walkers. Shane uses this as an opportunity to help Andrea with her gun training. After her eventually improvement, both kill several walkers together and then flee the area, heading back towards Hershel Greene's farm, having had no luck in finding Sophia.


  • Numerous unnamed people


  • Sara Addison


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  • At the 2012 Arizona Comic-Con, Robert Kirkman confirmed that the neighborhood Andrea and Shane visited in the episode "Secrets" is in fact Wiltshire Estates. It was intended to be a small Easter egg for the fans.
  • In the TV series, the location of the Wiltshire Estates is located in Senoia, GA, off Rockaway Road.
  • In Season 5, the survivors briefly visit a neighborhood located in Richmond, Virginia, called "Shirewilt Estates", a clear homage to the original neighborhood.