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This article is about the Comic Series arena. You may be looking for the TV Series arena.

The Woodbury Veterans Speedway, commonly knows as Woodbury Arena is a stadium in the rural town of Woodbury, Georgia that was used as a race track prior to the apocalypse. After the Governor took over the town of Woodbury and became its leader, he put biters on chains in the arena, as they are used in pit fights for Woodbury's entertainment. The arena is first introduced in Issue 27 of the Comic Series when the Governor gives RickMichonne, and Glenn a tour of Woodbury.




Rise of the Governor

The arena was originally a racing track, and the former leader, Gene Gavin continued to use it as so until the Governor put an end to his reign.

The Road to Woodbury

The Governor turned the race track into an arena where walkers were kept on chains, as they are used in pit fights for Woodbury's entertainment. The Governor also used the arena as punishment to people who have done bad deeds, and have the participants fight to the death.

The Best Defense

The Governor cut off Rick's hand here, after trying to get the location of The Prison out of him, Glenn and Michonne. It is later used to stage a fight between Eugene Cooney and Harold Abernathy, a fight which Harold wins and because of this he is later killed by an enraged Eugene who accuses Harold of punching him to hard.

This Sorrowful Life

After raping Michonne, The Governor decides to let her fight in the arena against Eugene, Michonne uses this opportunity to antagonize The Governor when she decapitates Eugene and kills the chained up walkers used for props in the arena.

Made to Suffer


The Fall of the Governor

After the death of the Governor, Lilly Caul puts an end to the fights in the arena and Barbara Stern recommends planning to turn the arena into a community garden.


Lilly Caul successfully turned the arena into a garden where her and the residents would grow crops until the town of Woodbury were overrun by the undead.


The arena remained overrun until the citizens of Woodbury returned and killed the dead, and proceeded to fix the garden.

Search and Destroy

The arena and the town of Woodbury became abandoned after all the adults were killed and the children were kidnapped during an invasion by a group led by a man named Theodore Bryce. The remaining residents that returned while away, chose to leave to rescue the children, leaving David Stern as the only remaining resident to tend the gardens.

Return to Woodbury

David Stern left Woodbury to look for his wife, Barbara, and later found the community taken over by bandits resulting in him burning down the community and the remaining bandits, as well as the remaining crops. The garden remains untouched until the last remaining residents return and presumably fix it up.


Sam versus Stinson

Winner: Stinson

Loser: Sam (Deceased)


Manning versus Tommy Zorn

Winner: Unknown (Both Deceased)

Loser: Unknown (Both Deceased)


Gabriel Harris versus Bruce Cooper

Winner: Gabriel Harris

Loser: Bruce Cooper


Eugene Cooney versus Harold Abernathy

Winner: Harold Abernathy

Loser: Eugene Cooney


Eugene Cooney versus Michonne Hawthorne

Winner: Michonne Hawthorne

Loser: Eugene Cooney (Deceased)




  • In the the comic series, it was a small race track before the outbreak, whereas in the TV series it was some kind of factory.