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This article is about the Woodbury Army in the Comic Series. You may be looking for the TV Series counterpart.

"Kill Them All!"
—The Governor to his men as they approach the prison.[src]

The Woodbury Army is a massive group of armed Woodbury citizens rounded together by The Governor to kill Rick Grimes' group in order to capture the Prison, as well as to satisfy his own hatred of the group.


The Woodbury Army began as a scattered group of survivors from Woodbury and elsewhere. Some had military experience which gave them an advantage amidst the apocalypse.


After Brian Blake's torture at the hands of Michonne Hawthorne, Brian rallied up the citizens of Woodbury and sent out a message of the terrible beings that they were, revealing Caesar Martínez's decapitated head, now reanimated, and demanded that they be stopped. A great majority of the town joined his army, which he led to the prison and fought against Rick's group, armed with vehicles and equipment, including a tank, from the National Guard station. Only the elderly, children and the disabled stayed behind in Woodbury.

A huge battle broke out and they lost a vast amount of soldiers during the siege. They ended up capturing the prison, but not without running out of ammo, destroying part of the fence, and allowing the prison to become overrun. Six remaining members of the army managed to escape thanks to the sacrifice made by Austin Ballard.


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