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Woodchuck Rest Area is a location featured in "No Going Back" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Nothing is known about the Woodchuck Rest Area before or as the outbreak began, except that it was a resting area for people passing by. It consisted of a playground, two pavilions for parking, a food station and a few benches.

The rest stop is located in Ohio, about 9 days to walk from Wellington.


"No Going Back"

The rest area is first mentioned by Kenny after he exits his truck on their way to Wellington. He states to Clementine and Jane that they should meet at the rest area if they get separated.

Later, after Jane disappears with AJ, Clementine travels blindly through the snow and arrives at the rest area. Upon entering, she discovers Kenny inside looking out of window for the others. As he sees Clementine, he immediately questions her about AJ's location, but as Kenny discovers that Jane had taken him, he storms out of the rest area and searches for them. Clementine sees Jane approaching the rest area from the other side, and as she enters, Kenny returns and questions her about where AJ is. She appears saddened, and both Kenny and Clementine fear the worst and Kenny rushes out in search of AJ. With Kenny's departure, Jane quickly notifies Clementine to not interfere with what is about to happen, stating that she wants Clementine to see Kenny for what he really is.

Momentarily, Kenny returns in a rage and starts fighting with Jane within the rest area. Clementine can interfere with their fight, but eventually the fight will lead them outside of the rest area. By the end, either Kenny kills Jane by sinking her own knife into her chest, or Clementine shoots Kenny to cease the fight, which ends up killing him, and either option will result in the fight ending. Clementine suddenly hears AJ crying in the distance, and she rushes over to find him in a nearby car, alive. Depending on how the fight ended, Clementine can either leave the rest area with Jane, Kenny, or alone. The rest area is not seen again for the rest of the episode.


  • Kenny - Shot in the abdomen or head by Clementine. (Determinant)
  • Jane - Stabbed in the chest by Kenny. (Determinant)
  • Jane's Unborn child - Killed by Kenny. (Determinant)


  • The Woodchuck Rest Area is the background for the main menu of The Walking Dead: Season Two after starting the fifth episode.
  • Considering the heavy snow and that the group are on their way to Wellington, Ohio and that if Clementine goes with Kenny to Wellington (which took them nine days to walk), it is very likely the rest area is likely somewhere around eastern Ohio, given that Clementine, Kenny, and Jane drive from North Carolina for a while before ending up here.