The World Health Organization (WHO) is a body of the United Nations concerned with world public health. It is referenced in promotional material realeased fro Fear The Walking Dead.

Flag (and seal) of the World Health Organization


Early in the outbreak, WHO releases a memo to all medical staff concerning the recently deceased. This implies that the outbreak, while not well known by the general public, was considered serious enough to be discussed at an international level. The WHO released a six page memo (only the first page of which is seen). The directives it sets forth can be seen in operation at the Temple Community Hospital where Nicholas Clark is treated after his accident. Some of the directives to medical staff include:

The MEMO issued by WHO

  • In an instance where a patient has a Do Not Resuscitate Form (DNR), the DNR is to be ignored. It is in the best interest of the medical staff to keep the patient alive.
  • If, within a minute of death, all efforts to revive the patient fail, life saving techniques are to cease and the patient is to be considered dead. The body is to be moved to the morgue. If the morgue is more than fifteen minutes away, the body is to be restrained.
  • If the deceased regains signs of life AFTER life saving techniques have ceased, the body is to be considered a biohazard and disposed of.


  • The issuing of the WHO memo predates both the beginning of season one of both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, and also public knowledge of the 'walker' epidemic. It can be assumed, therefore, that when Dr. Jenner is talking about the length of time that the epidemic has been spreading, considering that he is counting from the first 'patient' the CDC is aware of, it is several days/weeks before 'day zero' in either show.