"Worse Than Walkers" is the third episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


All actions have consequences, and the raid on the Family’s outpost to retrieve our water purifier leads to retaliation as they attack our camp.


After retrieving the water purifier, the survivors of Anderson Camp find out that the Family is bigger than they thought as that was only one of their outposts. Worrying that their leader will be coming for revenge, the survivors prepare for a counter-attack.

Once the mission starts, the survivors have a minute to place defense up. After the minute is up, the Family makes their way into the Anderson Camp and start stealing supplies. The survivors kill as many Family members as possible to protect the supplies to best of their abilities. After killing multiple waves of the Family, they finally retreat, giving the Anderson Camp survivors the victory.



  • Several unnamed members of the Family


  • First appearance of Reina. (Silhouette)
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