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{{SimilarName|the actor|the Video Game [[Wyatt (Video Game)|character]], or the [[Wyatt Ralff|voice actor]]}}
{{SimilarName|the actor|the Video Game [[Wyatt (Video Game)|character]], the Road to Survival [[Wyatt (Road to Survival)|character]], or the [[Wyatt Ralff|voice actor]]}}
{{Actor Info
{{Actor Info
|image = Wyatt_Russell.jpg
|image = Wyatt_Russell.jpg

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This article is about the actor. You may be looking for the Video Game character, the Road to Survival character, or the voice actor.

Wyatt Russell is an American actor who portrayed Paul in The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath.

Other WorksEdit

  • Soldier
  • The Last Supper 
  • Law & Order: LA
  • Cowboys and Aliens 
  • Love and Honor 
  • 22 Jump Street
  • Cold in July
  • Black Mirror
  • Lodge 49
  • Overlord


  • Son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.
  • His maternal grandmother's family was Hungarian Jewish. His other ancestry is English, German, Scottish, and Irish.


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