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Xing Lubin (Lubin Xing) is an antagonist encountered in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. He is described as a terrible person and often called the húndàn twin behind his back.



Not much is known about Lubin from before the outbreak began except that he is the twin brother of Xing Luhong.


At some point after the outbreak, Xing Lubin and his brother Luhong start living at the Beacon of Light and become windrunners.


Wangfa and Hengyen discuss who could replace Linnang on their wind team. Wangfa suggests one of the Xing twins, the nicer one of the two. Hengyen informs him that there's only one twin left now because the other was killed two days ago while trying to syphon fuel from a van which a jiāngshī crawled out from under and bit his ankle. Wangfa asks which one died and Hengyen tells him it was Luhong. Wangfa says Luhong was the nicer of the two and his brother is a terrible person, he's apparently worse now.

Lubin is put on guard duty watching over the cell of the Fongyuan Village survivors. When Elena and Bo break Zhu out of jail they huddle around the guardhouse and figure out a plan to get the cell keys off of Lubin. They could only use Zhu as bait. He wouldn't buy Bo relieving him of guard duty and would probably just listen as Elena screamed for help. In the end they decide to send Elena in panicked and alerting him to four jiāngshī outside. As Lubin follows her out, Zhu and Bo wait behind either side of the door and jump him. Zhu punches him in the jaw which only makes him stagger and then blindly lash out which clips Zhu on the side of the head. Bo comes up behind him and puts Lubin into a chokehold and squeezes until the húndàn twin goes limp. They drag him into the back of the guardhouse, truss him up and steal his keys.

After Zhu frees the villagers, Wangfa and five other windrunners including Lubin arrive at the cable car over the Charred Fields and demand to go across first. Before anyone gets shot, Elena defuses the situation and allows half the windrunners to cram in the next car alongside the villagers. Lubin successfully escapes the Beacon.

Over three weeks after escaping the Beacon, Lubin is apart of a group of twenty survivors living at the Smokers' Silo with all the years worth of food and supplies Secretary Guo stole from the Beacon. When a zombified Ming shows up and startles Guo, Wangfa rolls his eyes and exchanges a look with Lubin who everyone still dislikes and secretly calls the húndàn twin. When Hengyen's group show up for revenge, Lubin is likely slaughtered along with the rest of Guo's supporters.


Killed By

Lubin is killed along with the rest of Secretary Guo's supporters after Hengyen discovers their location and kills them in revenge for Guo abandoning the Beacon and stealing a lifetime's worth of food and supplies.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Lubin has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people.


Novel Series[]