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YAHTZEE: The Walking Dead Collector's Edition is a dice game developed by USAopoly, that feature characters from the AMC's The Walking Dead.


This version of Yahtzee includes:

  • Custom designed Walker dice cup
  • 5 collectable blood splattered dice
  • Custom Chance Die for Battle Game play option Features: First Aid Kit, Grenades, and Walkers
  • Classic Yahtzee and Battle Yahtzee score pads


There's two ways to play: Classic Yahtzee Style and Battle Yahtzee Style.[1]

  • Classic Yahtzee: Score the most points by rolling 5 dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to 3x on a turn to try to make 1 of 13 possible scoring combinations. A game consists of 13 rounds during which the player chooses which scoring combination is to be used in that round. Once a combination has been used, it cannot be used again.
  • Battle Yahtzee: all players start with 100 health points. Then, they use the bottom half of the score sheet to attack an opponent, and the top half of the score sheet to heal themselves. So, to provide a couple off examples using the bottom half of the score sheet, if you get 3 of a kind you can attack one player for the total of all dice, or if you get a full house you can attack one player for 25 points. For the top half of the score sheet, you may heal one for each 1, 2 for each 2, etc., up to 6 for each 6. You can only use each attack and heal option twice per game, so you have to make your choices wisely.

In another twist, twice per game you can chose NOT to apply a given roll to either attacking or healing. In this case, you roll the chance dice. The chance dice includes two of each of the following images: (1) Grenade -- you must reduce your health by the sum of the 5 dice; (2) First Aid Kit -- add the sum of the 5 dice to your health; or (3) Walker -- All opponents must reduce their health by the sum off the 5 dice. The last player with remaining health wins.



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