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Yellow Jacket Creek is a small body of water in the state of Georgia which served as a minor location in "Home" of Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Both Daryl and Merle Dixon cross the highway bridge and help a Mexican Family fight off the walkers surrounding them.


Rural Georgia

Yellow Jacket Creek was a small river/creek which cut through a part of rural Georgia. It had a highway bridge that connected it to the roadway that people would normally cross regularly.


When the outbreak began, many fleeing civilians tried to drive their vehicles across in hopes of escape, however, their vehicles became jammed and caused a roadblock.

Season 3


A Mexican Family consisting of a middle aged man and woman, a boy in his teens, and a young baby, are travelling in their car and become trapped on the bridge as walkers swarm them. Some of the zombies are killed and thrown over the bridge into the water below. Daryl and Merle are in the woods nearby and hear the baby's cries. Daryl rushes to their aid and helps kill the attacking walkers, while Merle does so half-heartedly.

After the walkers are killed, Merle begins rummaging through their car, looking for supplies as compensation for their aid. Daryl points his crossbow at Merle, and tells him to let the family leave. The family get in their car and drive away. Merle and Daryl began arguing over the events that unfolded and walk in the other direction leaving the area.



  • Numerous counts of unnamed people


TV Series

Season 3


  • The exterior of the bridge was the same used for Rick's last episode in Season 9.
  • Despite apparently being located in the middle of nowhere, this place had a large presence of cars and walkers.