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Yewberry Road is a location where Wyatt's Story takes place in "400 Days". It is situated in a dense forest just off the main highway.


Rural Georgia

The road was a back lane in rural Georgia that is located in a dense forest next to the main highway. The road was most likely used by farmers and locals who lived in the area.


Wyatt's Story

When Wyatt and Eddie are seen driving away from Nate in his pick-up truck after what is hinted that their camp was raided by a group, they pull off the main highway and onto Yewberry Road giving Wyatt and Eddie the opportunity to evade Nate and hide from him in the woods. After some conversation between the two, Eddie runs over Bennett, causing Wyatt and Eddie to have an argument about who goes and investigates whether or not it was a walker. They decide by playing rock, paper, scissors and either Wyatt or Eddie will go out to investigate. If Eddie goes, Nate finds Wyatt in the car and causes Wyatt to abandon Eddie; if Wyatt goes, and after finding Bennett, Eddie abandons Wyatt after being attacked by Nate, leaving him running off into the forest.





  • After the car chase scene, the rest of the story takes place on this road.
  • Wyatt may agree or disagree with Eddie for turning off the vehicle headlights when driving down this road.
    • Since he may want them off to help escape from Nate or want them on so they will be able to see through the fog.
  • Similar to Bonnie, Eddie unknowingly deliver fatal blows to actual victims due to the environment and not being able to see clearly.