"The fuck is all this?"
—Yonatan's reaction after seeing the decapitated zombies.[src]

Yonatan is an original character and an antagonist who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four. He is a member of the Delta.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Yonatan's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 4

"Suffer The Children"

Yonatan first appeared along with a few other Delta members as they raided the Boarding School to kidnap children to bring to their community to be trained as soldiers. He was confused and unnerved by the walker heads on spikes in the school's courtyard, but was relaxed by Sullene who told him that they were "just scarecrows". As Yonatan, Sullene, Abel, and Lilly start to shoot at the boarding school kids, Clementine shoots him in the knee with an arrow. He promptly pulls out the arrow then limps into the main building after Clementine with Abel and Sullene, only to be killed by a trap, either Willy's log trap or Aasim's brick trap, which was activated by Clementine.


Killled By

Clementine kills Yonatan either by hitting him in the torso with a wooden log trap or by dropping a duffle bag full of bricks on his head. Given that he didn't sustain brain damage if the log trap was used, it is unknown if he reanimated.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Yonatan has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people



Yonatan and Sullene seemed to have been on good terms. She was visibly shocked and became very upset and enraged after his death, not much is know about the extent of their relationship however.


Their relationship is not made particularly clear however Yonatan seems to respect her. He follows her orders to mark Clementine at first and, in non-cannon death scenes, is fully willing to kill Clementine despite her young age showing he has a lot of trust in Lilly. He also follows her orders to pursue the fleeing children into the main building despite a leg injury, it can be assumed Lilly is angry and saddened after figuring out he is dead. Lilly claims Yonatan was one of her most experienced soldiers, along with Abel.


The two have an antagonistic relationship, both immediately hate each other due to being on opposing sides. Yonatan seems to hold little empathy for Clementine as he will kill her despite her not being a direct threat in non-cannon death scenes. Clementine seems to return these feelings as she shoots him in the leg with a arrow to incapacitate him. He then pursues her and the other children into the main school building Clementine releases Aasim's or Willy's trap on Yonatan killing him in a brutal fashion, she shows no signs of remorse for his death.


Abel and Yonatan presumably had a good relationship, as Abel considers him a valuable soldier.


It can be assumed that Dorian and Yonatan had a relatively stable relationship, as they both raided the boarding school together. It is unknown how Dorian reacted to Yonatan's death if she found out.


Video Game

Season 4


  • Yonatan is the second of three characters played by Keith Silverstein, the first being Omar, and the third being Michael.
    • He is also the first character in Season 4 to have two different ways to die.
  • If Clementine shoots Lilly in the chest with an arrow and kills her, then Yonatan will non-canonically shoot her in the chest in return.
  • Yonatan is the first member of the Delta to die on-screen.
    • He is also the only Delta member who appears in only one episode.
  • If Violet was saved in "Suffer The Children", Yonatan will be the only member of the Delta not to appear in "Take Us Back".
  • In an early draft of the season, Yonatan and Sullene were going to be in a relationship.[1]


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