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"Why send our best men and our best horses? Ezekiel died for these assholes, his kingdom is in disarray. The first time they check on us is to ask for help? Fuck them."
—Zachary to William about Rick.[src]

Zachary is a character first encountered in Issue 157 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Kingdom and an uncertain ally of Rick Grimes. Having high respect for their former leader Ezekiel, Zachary now acts as an adviser to de-facto leader William, whose choices he is wary about in regards to helping the other communities.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Zachary's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


The Whisperer War

Zachary is seen arguing with William about who should lead the Kingdom. He notes that Rick didn't help the Kingdom when they needed help the most and that he is sending "Michonne, the person who broke Ezekiel's heart". He says they shouldn't send reinforcements to Alexandria or let Michonne lead, but that William should lead himself. He says that Ezekiel wouldn't have bent to Alexandria, stirring William to rethink the situation.

Zachary is then shown to be an adviser to William. The de-facto leader relieves another guard after he gives status on patrols. Zachary asks what the point is when all their best troops have been sent out to help the militia, noting they are "practically defenseless". William, irritated, tells Zachary to leave, threatening to send him out to fight. As he leaves, Zachary states William will regret his decisions, though he denies that he will. William attacks and threatens Zachary saying he will do anything to keep the Kingdom safe including killing him.

The Rotten Core

Zachary is seen at the Kingdom as Rick shows Pamela Milton around all five communities in their network.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Zachary has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



"He would have wanted the Kingdom to stay strong. He didn't bend to the Saviors... He wouldn't bend to Rick or Alexandria."
—Zachary about Ezekiel[src]

Zachary is shown to respect Ezekiel as a leader and as a person. He is shown to have Ezekiel's best interests at mind when trying to convince William to lead the Kingdom; saying that's what Ezekiel would have wanted. He is also bitter towards Michonne for breaking Ezekiel's heart.


"Even if you don't want to be leader... Others will demand it."
—Zachary to William[src]

Zachary is shown to respect William, as evident by his ambition to see William sit as leader of the Kingdom. He thinks that William would be a fit leader, better than Michonne. The pair are seen arguing on who should be leader and whether or not to send support to Alexandria. Zachary tries to convince William to lead, stirring William to review the situation. Acting as an adviser to him, William still sends reinforcements, much to Zachary's dismay. William attacks and threatens Zachary saying he will do anything to keep the Kingdom safe including killing him.

Rick Grimes

"Why send our best men and our best horses? Ezekiel died for these assholes, his kingdom is in disarray. The first time they check on us is to ask for help? Fuck them."
—Zachary to William about Rick[src]

Zachary is shown to have little to no respect for Rick, as he didn't support the Kingdom when they needed support most. In turn, Zachary tries to convince William not to send reinforcements to Alexandria and to Rick. Regardless, William sends reinforcements, a decision Zachary believes William will regret.

Michonne Hawthorne

"And when Michonne returns? You know he asked her to lead... The one who abandoned us... Who broke Ezekiel's heart."
—Zachary to William about Michonne[src]

Zachary is bitter towards Michonne for abandoning the Kingdom and their former leader. He argues that she isn't a good leader for them and tries to convince William to seize power for himself, rather than let Michonne lead.


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