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Zhu's grandmother, or năinai is a jiāngshī encountered in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. She is described as having narrow eyes, tattered braided hair and glints of gold in her teeth.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China

This woman was Chen Wenzhu and Ahui's grandmother.

When she was a teenager she married her husband who she lived happily with almost her whole life. They lived with their grandchildren in the apartment upstairs from Zhu's parents. Her apartment is kept nice and tidy and her bedroom is bare except for a large traditional stone bed and wooden dresser. Her wall is decorated with several portraits of her and her husband spanning from their teenage years into when they were both old and gray. She also has a large framed photograph of her extended family which numbers into the fifties. She blotted out the face of Zhu's cousin's ex-husband, Zhu notes how she was merciless when it came to family.

One summer, Ahui used to steal ramen packs from her mother's convenience store and suck the pepper packets. Năinai discovered a mound of opened ramen packages with the noodles discarded under the bed and punished Zhu after he took the blame.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China

When the outbreak started, the elders in Fongyuan were prepared and ordered a fence to be built around the village, successfully protecting it's residents. When Changsha fell, the army arrived and drafted young people to help build the Beacon of Light. This woman and her family helped hide Meili and Ahui. A few weeks later more soldiers showed up to take more people, leaving no strong and able-bodied residents to protect Fongyuan and the village was overrun. This woman refuses to leave her apartment because of her old age, believing she'll slow everybody down and so forces her family to leave her behind. Shortly after she dies from unknown causes in the bathroom.


While searching his old grandparent's home, Zhu opens up the bathroom and it hit with the strong odor of death. His năinai topples out onto him from the dark and wraps both her hands around his arm, before nearly biting a chunk out of him. Zhu loses his balance and punches jiāngshī which knocks it down. He reaches for his machete but hesitates when he realises who the jiāngshī is. He quickly draws his weapon and brings it down on her head, nearly splitting it in two. He hacks at the jiāngshī several more times until it's completely still.

He sits down and reflects on who the jiāngshī was. He speculates that his family must have had to leave her to die because of her age and that her last moments must have been terrible.


Killed By
  • Unknown Cause (Alive)
  • Herself (Caused)

After Fongyuan village is overrun, the woman refuses to leave her home as to not slow down the rest of her family from escaping, she later dies from unknown causes.

After Zhu finds her reanimated, she attacks him but he knocks her down and hesitates for a second before stabbing her in the head.


Novel Series


  • At 99 years old, Zhu's grandmother is the oldest character in encountered in The Walking Dead franchise.
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